Wyze Outdoor Plug - Alert for low voltage (outage) not just high voltage use threshold

OK maybe this is an odd use-case scenario but I use the Wyze Outdoor Plug to power two outdoor ceramic heating elements in my chicken coop during the cold winter weather. It is convenient to be able to set a schedule for the heating elements to turn/off daily. But, since these ceramic heating elements aren’t a “light” I can’t visibly see when they burn out and need to be replaced. The Outdoor Plug is helpful for showing the overall electricity usage, and it contains an upper threshold setting for when consumption EXCEEDS a higher level. But, if I want to know when one of my ceramic heating elements has burned out and needs to be replaced, I’d like to know when the device connected to it DROPS BELOW a certain threshold or stops consuming power altogether so that I know something connected to it isn’t working anymore. Is that type of functionality already available in the Outdoor Plug? Or would it be possible to add such functionality in a future software update?


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