Wyze Outdoor Camera Playback

I’m 2 weeks into the Wyze Outdoor Camera and was pretty pumped about its potential. I have a couple of the indoor cameras and have been fairly pleased.

I have to say the camera functions great when viewing it live. However, I’m more interested in getting notified when people approach or there’s movement and to view that information/movement on demand. In other words, playback.

This is a huge disappointment. I ordered a 2nd camera because I could wait, but now my need to cancel that order if there’s no event notification or playback on demand.

I’m just very confused why they have SD cards to record information if there’s no way to view it without removing it downloading to a computer and spending time to review a lot of video.

I may be overlooking something. Is there anyway to receive event notifications and playback video on demand from the app on the new outdoor camera / base station?

It would seemingly be a good idea to view playback from the base station since that’s plugged in.

Very disappointed…


I agree, but that’s the way many outdoor (AKA, trail) cams work.
If I were cynical, which I can assure you I am, I would say Wyze has no incentive to add features that might slow their cloud recording profits in the future.
i.e. Subscribe to Cloud Plus for additional features. But, hey, that’s pretty much the standard business model.

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Welcome to the Wyze community Jeffrey. The base’s SD card is merely a mirror/backup of the cam’s SD card. The cam’s SD card is only for live recording, snapshot (Photos), time lapse, and scheduled recording. When executing these functions, cloud events and associated notifications are disabled. Same with live streaming… you can’t live stream and simultaneously have cloud events and notifications. That’s the way it is today… no idea what changes are in the works, but there will be changes soon.

To view any of the aforementioned types of SD recordings, go to the cam’s Album, select the category, select the recording to play. No need to pull the card and view on a computer. You can also download to your viewing device’s storage by pressing the download icon while viewing the SD recording.

You receive event notifications after successful upload of a 12-sec event to the cloud, unless you’re doing one of the aforementioned functions. You view these events in the same way as v2/pan cam… select the 12-sec event from the Events list (Wyze app Home > Events tab at the bottom of screen). There is no Playback functionality a la v2/pan cam as there is no “record events only” and “continuous record” to SD. Again, if you run a scheduled recording set to 30d 23h 59m to mimic continuous recording, you will continuously record, but without events and notifications. Playback a la v2/pan cam would be meaningless without events tied to continuous record functionality. The upcoming CamPlus functionality will partially mitigate this problem as complete events (vs 12-sec) will be stored in the cloud.

Reportedly, that functionality is currently being developed. I don’t work for Wyze so I have no idea what this playback functionality will include, but I’d guess it will be limited to the current types of SD recordings.


They are working on a option to record events to the cam SD card


I would buy a game cam if I didn’t want playback. When I buy a wyze cam I expect playback specially if I need to buy ss cards for the camera and station