Wyze outdoor camera hub

Hello Wyze team, will it be possible to connect Wzye cam v2 to the hub from outdoor camera to use a single SD card for both cameras? Will the hub support Wyze sense sensors?

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It will not at this time

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There was no mention of anything else being able to connect to the base station besides the outdoor cams.

That is unfortunate :frowning: Thank you all

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I have a feeling they will integrate more devices to work on the hub. It appears right now they are comfortable with 4 cameras being used on it.

came here to ask this very question. glad it’s being brought up. would be wonderful to have that kind of setup.

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Based on the answer, is it safe to assume that it will in the future with a firmware update? It would be great if it does.

It’s never safe to assume anything Wyze has not confirmed. I would say it remains a possibility but that’s as far as I would go.

Agree to never assuming. Thought I would ask. This would be a great addition. It would definitely help me out around the house and allow for additional sensors.


I agree, I would like to see a more robust hub for the Wyze Sense sensors as well as for the plugs and bulbs and camera and lock.

Reducing direct WiFi connections means a better more stable experience.

Right now Wyze has three hubs, the Sense Bridge, The hub for the outdoor camera, and the hub for the lock. Plus direct WiFi connections for the bulbs, indoor cameras, and plugs.

It would be nice to declutter and simplify.