Wyze Outdoor Camera Fail

I really want to like this camera but must say I’m not happy about it having a built in battery. Just another product with a battery that can’t be replaced. And, we are expected to take the camera out of service while we charge it…seriously Wyze? Give us a removable battery pack, either proprietary or a common size. Wyze only did this to shorten the lifespan of the camera, which is all about greed because then we’d need to buy another one after the built in battery no longer holds a charge. I’m sure someone out there will find a way to replace the built in battery, without butchering the camera enclosure too much.


I can’t speak for Wyze’s product development team, but I imagine a built-in battery is more about cost (manufacturing simplicity) and performance (capacity, charge cycles) than built-in obsolescence.

Many phones and laptops no longer have removable batteries because the device itself will be obsolete before battery life becomes a problem.
Removable battery packs generally take up more space and introduce complexity/cost because the compartment needs additional connectors/wiring, waterproofing, heat dissipation, etc.

The choices Wyze made in designing the WCO didn’t please everyone, but they made possible a sub-$50 outdoor battery-powered camera.


Obviously it was about cost, with disregard for the charging inconvenience to customers. Imagine having 4 of these cameras and they all need to be recharged, instead of an easy battery swap you have to remove each camera from their mounting location and then have them out of service for several hours to charge them up. That’s a huge fail in my book!

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As they’re not really security cameras being out of service while the battery charges shouldn’t be a big issue.

What I don’t get is, what exactly is the designed purpose of these cameras if they’re near useless as security cams? Simply to be able to see what’s outdoors? I guess there’s a market for that.

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I am really happy with the outdoor cam for $50. I don’t understand why people post useless product denigrations with no real useful information to the community. Puzzling.


@Resist, I think the customer’s preference dictates whether it’s an inconvenience or not. For me, I have a number of solar chargers and USB battery packs so I’ve been actively disposing of flashlights, radios, cabinet lights, etc. that have replaceable batteries and replacing them with devices that support USB charging of a built-in lithium battery.

Replaceable batteries fall into two categories, rechargeable or one-time use. One-time use batteries need to be replaced less often but are an ongoing expense that I prefer not to have. Rechargeable batteries are expensive to buy up front and need to be recharged more often, but over time can be less expensive than one-time use. Rechargeable batteries also have the issue of downtime to charge, unless you get two sets which doubles your up front cost again.

For me the inconvenience of replaceable batteries is the cost and time spent tracking and maintaining charge on the spare batteries. I find it far easier to connect a USB cable to my WCOs and let them charge from a USB battery pack or solar charger for a few hours once a month or so.

@KBJ, I’ll give you one example where the WCO is a good fit for me. My property extends pretty far behind my house with some brush and woods beyond that, but the farthest power source is my shed about half way back. A V2 won’t work to monitor the back forty because there’s no shelter or power out that far. But a WCO mounted on a pole can easily send me alerts when animals or people are passing through my property. The base station is connected to power and internet in my shed, so that saves me the trouble of running an additional WiFi access point out there.


They don’t have to be considered security cameras for the charging issue to not be a big issue. My cell phone has a built in battery yet when I have to charge it, it’s still working and in service. As we know, with current battery technology all battery cameras have to recharge the batteries way sooner than their specs say they do. So the process for doing this should be fast and easy, and this is not accomplished with a built in battery. And there are many purposes for cameras that aren’t rated as security. Maybe you want to be notified when a package is delivered, or when your kids get home, or even watch the dog in your back yard.

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Just wanted to point out that (like your phone) the WCO can be charged while working and in service. I’ve found 10,000mAh USB battery packs are incredibly useful for this purpose to avoid any downtime. I have 4 and I recommend anyone should get at least 1 to have power on hand when you need it.


What you consider useless, is important for others. This camera could have been so much better without that much of an increased cost. In fact, Wyze could have stuck with the v2 housing, added PIR and slapped a battery pack on the back, water proofed it and it would have been better than what they came up with.

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But with a notification delay of around 45 secs it’s not really useful for alerting you that animals or people are moving through your property. I suppose it can if they hang around long enough for you to get the alert or that you’re only interest is that yes, animals and people have been on my property, I guess it works for that as well.

And how does talking to the UPS driver as shown in the sales page with 45 sec notification delay? Does the WOC have real time two-way audio and relies on the driver ringing your doorbell or knocking on the door? Because it can’t possibly rely on that 45 sec notification delay.


I saw the recent posts about a long notification delay, but during testing I had no issues with notifications. I imagine it’s something on the server end or something to be tweaked in the production model firmware. In any case I’m not typically monitoring my property in real-time during the night, I just want a record of the people/animals that may have passed through and when. Again, not for real-time security, just for monitoring.

I still have a V2 mounted at my front door under the eaves that’s been there for over a year. Notification delay or audio latency hasn’t really been a problem. I found the WCO audio too quiet and muffled to use for two-way audio anyway, so V2s are still my goto cams for general use.


Let people voice their concerns. You didn’t have to post ANYTHING… What did you add to the conversation? Instead of big wording people, try to sympathize when it’s a relatable issue. Otherwise, stop with the vexatious attitude, please.

Uh-oh - someone found thesaurus.com.

You know you hurt my feelings - both of them.

I feel that I did add to the conversation - I stated I liked the camera. The first person said they didn’t like the camera. Why is their comment ok and mine not?

Also it has been known since the release that this would have a built in battery. How does this make the product a fail? This is like buying a gas powered car and calling the car a fail because it is not electric.

I think Wyze makes a lot of great products for low cost and is very transparent in their responses and issues. They’re not a security company and people should consider that before they calumniate a product line based on it not meeting a personal preference.


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I agree the outdoor cam is truly a pos. The rest of the line up is not much better. The delay in sending notifications is a joke. At least my ring cameras work. And are solar powered as well…what no need to ever manually charge an outdoor camera’s battery?


Yes, you can use a portable battery pack to charge up the camera and keep it in use. However, that just another expense and something that can get stolen. A removable battery camera is simply the easiest most common sense design, yet Wyze instead chose to focus on the appearance of an inexpensive camera.

There are many uses for a battery operated camera
For instance mounting a camera near the end of my driveway , last house , dead end street , it would be very expensive to run power all the way out there.
Don’t expect a battery operated camera to do all the same things a wired camera can because it cannot.
Do your research before you buy a product , if you don’t like the features and functions and it doesn’t fit your needs just don’t buy it


As far as I am aware there is no one camera design that is going to please all users. Nor are all options to use, mount, secure, charge, power, notify, or detect motion with the camera going to be applicable to all situations or use cases.

Sounds like this camera may not be suitable to your needs? If so would you like some alternative suggestions? There are LOTS of cameras to choose from out there at all kinds of price points.

Let everyone know what you would like to see in your ideal camera and I am sure someone on here may be able to provide some alternatives.


Well put @rbruceporter & @HDRock! Unfortunately don’t think the goal of this post was to seek an alternate solution.


I honestly dont get why anyone would defend this, yeah the cutted corners for this price point but what is the use if it cant stay connected to the base within 40 feet or more, thats unacceptable and i dont think thats gonna be fixable with a software update,