Wyze Outdoor Camera CAM plus ETA

Since the 12 second recordings on WCO start only after the event is usually over due to the apparent 4-5 second delay after the camera wakes up, the only way to make it functional is to get CAM PLUS (unless I am missing something here and you can get continuous recordings on your SD in the base station without draining the camera batteries). CAM PLUS does not seem to be available currently.

Does anyone have a good ETA on when WCO gets this feature? The way the camera works right now with the recording delay makes is of not much use at all.


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I don’t think Wyze provided any ETA for Cam Plus for WCO other than “soon”. Cam Plus just extends the 12-second clip until motion is no longer detected so it wouldn’t help with the startup delay.

I’m sure some of the issues with notifications, detections, and startup delay could be improved with firmware updates, but there will always be some kind of startup delay since the camera is in low-power mode until the PIR sensor starts it up. That’s why I still have V2 cams under the eaves of my house for front and side monitoring. I use the WCO to cover areas where I can’t easily put a V2.