Wyze outdoor Camera Base Station "Set Wifi Info Failed"

I cannot get the Base Station to connect to my Wifi. When I tried to set the Wifi info in the App I get a popupp message that says “Set Wifi Info Failed” immediately after tapping the save option. I have removed and reinstalled the Base Station and the App on my phone several times.

App ver. 2.23.21
Base Station FW
Camera FW

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus on Android 11

I have submitted my logs but I am hoping someone here might have the fix already. Thanks!

UPDATE: Work around posted in the thread below


I’m having the same issue, hoping to follow this thread for help…

I have a fix but the fix is less than optimal. It appears that the Wyze App cannot handle SSIDs that contain spaces in the name. I renamed my Guest network to remove any spaces and the software accepted the entry. After that the Base Station connected no problem. I don’t want this on my Guest Network and renaming my Primary network would be a massive chore due to all of the hubless THINGS I have connected to it not to mention the Phones, PC’s, Laptops, TVs, etc… I hope they fix this.


Wow! wish i found this before i deleted my base station from the App. Now i have to resync all cameras. Removing the space from my SSID worked

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This totally worked for me and glad I ran across your fix. Wish I had found it after spending hours trying everything else multiple times. Seems like Wyze should make mention somewhere that SSID’s should not have spaces in their names. I added “-” between words and it works just fine. Many thanks!

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No. They should fix the problem. Spaces are not just allowed, they’re very common. They need to follow the Wi-Fi standard.

It also won’t take many symbols.

And it jumps all over the damn place as you’re trying to type things on.

Same problems on Android and iPhone.


Wow. I’m having this problem too. This is my second base station (I just received this as a replacement for a base station that was bricked by a failed firmware update). My first base station used my 2 word SSID just fine. I hope there is a different easy fix because I don’t want to have to change my SSID. I have about a dozen devices that use it and it would be a pain the @$$ to change everything. I have a ticket started on the problem, so we shall see.

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You and I are in the same boat. Replacement base station just received and “Set Wifi Info Failed”. I even purchased a new base station, thinking there was something wrong with the replacement - no, that one won’t set up Wifi, either. Super frustrating. I still have one base station working on my network, but I hope they fix this soon!

They said they are working on a fix that will come in a future update. I did go ahead a try the one-word SSID in my guest connection. That did not work to connect to wifi either. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to wait. But since it was an update that bricked my first base station, I won’t be jumping on this update when it is released.

I wanted to add to this issue. I had the same “Failed” notification when trying to set WiFi to wireless, and had to rename my network as well. And not only did I have to remove spaces, but also an apostrophe, so network changed from “John’s Network” to “JohnsNetwork” and after that the base station connected just fine.

I’m glad I came across this workaround because so far it’s fixed the issue.

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Thanks for the info. I did have an underscore in my guest network name. I removed that and now can connect over wifi!

Yes, same here - after support giving me the runaround and essentially no help, I changed the network name and now can connect.

I have same problem, is this going to be fixed anytime soon? I don’t want to rename the network as I have around 30 IOT devices connected to same SSID, I don’t want to reconfigure all of them.


I don’t know when it will be fixed. They just said they are working on it and hope to fix it in a future update. I just changed the name to my guest network and have it connected through that because I have a lot of devices and did not want to change the main network,

Thanks. That did the trick!