Wyze Outdoor Cam issues

I’m having some issues with my new outdoor cam. It will randomly not record events. I’ll get notifications and if I hit them on my phone, it goes to the event recording. But when I got to the events tab on the app, they do not show up. I have had several notifications of recording this morning but nothing shows up in my events tab since last night. This has happened intermittently since I installed the cam 3 days ago.

I’m using the iphone app and have a 32gb micro sd in the camera and the base station. The camera shows 2 of 3 bars for signal strength.

I’m also down 10% in three days. I’ve been pinging it a lot but that’s down more than I would have hoped. At this rate I wonder if I’ll even make a month. :frowning:


I hate to ask, but are you “pulling down to refresh” the events page? Try 2 or 3 times, sometimes mine needs extra encouragement.

I got better results charging with the cable and the base station that came with the cam, than I did with a previous charger I had already plugged in and ready for use.

No worries, I did pull down numerous times on the events page to no avail.

Fortunately, it started working again this afternoon and populated all of the recordings from ~9pm last night until it started working around noon today.

During this “down time”, events updates for the one V2 cam I have in my garage did update.

Also, a time lapse I scheduled last night at sunset never triggered.

I did charge the outdoor cam via the base station when I first got it. I didn’t take it off until I had the solid red light. It has been holding steady at 90% today so hoping maybe the big drop was just initial drain?!?!

Ah, good on the listing. As for the battery, batteries are weird. hehe