Wyze Outdoor Cam - First 50k get a Special Surprise

Anyone else excited about this?


i think its just a badge, and i would be excited if i was able to back the product here in Canada

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Now I’m not sure I could get excited about Wyze socks, but what about a cuddly wyze-cam outdoor for my dog :stuck_out_tongue:


Reminds me of the “Wyze Nest” bundle I picked up for $2.99 back in April 2018! :hatching_chick:

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How do you know if you are in the first 50K?


On the main WCO page it shows how many backers there are. I guess as long as you order before that hits 50k!

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I must be smoking crack cuz I can’t see it. You mean on this page? https://wyze.com/wyze-cam-outdoor.html

I only see the little link about the 50K in the upper right. Either that or it already passed 50K. :flushed:

Ah, yeah, that was the page! Looks like the removed the # of backers, probably because they are verifying all the purchases. But it was right next to where it says “13 days left”.

Wow, 50K backers in less than 2 hours. Pretty crazy, great job, Wyze!

Ah gotcha. Thanks @Baddack !

I hope they didn’t hit 50k that quickly! I had a meeting and didn’t get to order mine until 30 minutes ago! I was on the site and the app at noon to check it out and it kept crashing, so they definitely were getting plenty of hits.

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Yeah. I just backed it hoping to be included in the first 50k.

Wyze is offloading its facemask and thermometer inventory. You’ll get either one as a gift!


I think during either the Zoom call or the AMA, they said they took it off to reduce some server pressure.

I sure hope I made the first 50k. Especially since they had so many server issues. I tried to order at 12:02 pm right after it launched. I got charged 4 times before my order went through which has all my CashApp money tied up until I can get a refund. But I still ordered again anyway. But I didn’t order it until a few hours later. :woman_facepalming:t5:

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Awesome! Thanks @rbruceporter !

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Did they happen to mention what the surprise is!?

Actually, Dongsheng was asked and would not say. He said that it was a surprise. The general thought is that it’s a sticker.

That would be horrible if it’s just a sticker because you get the Wyze Backing sticker no matter what. I ordered the scale and Wyzeband during Early Access and received stickers for those, without being told there was a surprise.