Wyze outdoor cam disappointment

So I bought these as I thought it would be a great option for the front of my house. Right now I just use the regular ones in a housing. No problems. For 25 bucks they’re replacable.

I thought oh great, now I don’t need to run power! It will make my life easier. Well little did I know, you have to have a base for them to connect to. On top of that the base has to be plugged into Ethernet? Am I right here? That’s a hell of alot harder then just running power. The regular ones you just toss a wifi extender on your network and you’re good to go.

And whats the point of having a camera that you can’t do playback on. Man even if i had to charge it every month I need playback. Can someone explain to me what the point of this camera is? 12 seconds and that’s it? People use these as security cameras. I dono I just feel like they really flopped on this one. I recommend Wyze to EVERYONE. Just pretty sad. I’ll just stick to the regular cameras.

I largely agree. Unless you want to do a reasonably short time lapse recording atop Mount Kilimanjaro or drop it in a sock and pummel the heck out of someone, there’s not a whole lot of value here in these. They’re not advertised as security cameras. But as you said, almost everybody uses them for security or peace of mind.

I don’t understand the aversion to plugging in an Ethernet cable. I see this complaint a lot. Are your ports inconveniently located, like in a basement utility room?
Until recently new houses had Ethernet ports everywhere. I still recommend it to builders.

Right. No playback? Motion detection does not work. Crazy. I am returning mine for a refund. I do t care if I lose the shipping costs both ways. It is a POS.