Wyze Outdoor Cam Coming to Home Depot

I was at a doctor’s office today and saw them talking about the Wyze Outdoor Cam on WGN 9 Chicago, and here’s the best part for people like me who want to buy more, but don’t want to wait forever on shipping…wait for it…it’s gonna be on sale at Home Depots starting August 27th! YES! Below is the article.


I wonder what their price will be, will it cost less to get from Home Depot or through Wyze directly after shipping costs are taken into account? That’s what really matters to me. Although, I do get 6%-9% cashback on all Home Depot purchases, so I guess that’s pretty likely to make Home Depot a better deal anyway. I can’t imagine HD would jack up the price too differently from what Wyze has listed…maybe just enough for shipping costs or something, and if it’s the same price but no shipping, then this is definitely pretty awesome.

Some HD’s will also price match the online WYZE price

That is pretty awesome then…saves $6.99 in shipping for an extra cam and $2.40-$3.60 for me in cashback, that’s roughly $10 cheaper than ordering through Wyze for those. I’ll probably grab another WCO or two, even though their capabilities are pretty limited (not very good as security cam)…I do like them for time-lapses, live streaming and a few other purposes…and $10 cheaper is cool.

As a security solution I do not like any cam that depends on battery as primary power source. I do however have 4 of the WCO and find them useful for various things.


Just saw this on Home Depot’s latest local ad too!



YIKES! That’s way more expensive! Hopefully they really will accept the price matching.

Thanks for posting.

The in-app description also says “In-Store Only”


Actually, it’s not, when you factor in shipping from Wyze. Here is the HD online listing for the Waukesha, WI area. It includes a 32GB SD card.

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I don’t know why Wyze will sell their stuff in Canada via Petsmart. Why not have chosen Home-Dépot? In Quebec, there are no Petsmart but we have Home-Dépot everywhere.:thinking:

I will never buy a batteries cams. Too many compromises. I prefer to install sockets in my attic than to play with battery recharges.


Same here. Battery cams are permanently inconvenient.


Well, that is a little better if the SD card is included… It sucks you have to get the SD card with it though, I’d rather get my own card (more GB, name brand with good ratings)…better for less. Still, I just checked and my local Home Depot is selling the Starter kit with SD card for $70.96

Going through Wyze directly for both the WCO/BASE and SD card was the EXACT same price:

At least going through Wyze I can choose not to get the Wyze SD card with it. However, going through HD I can get 6% off the total (including taxes), so…$4-$5 cheaper…which basically makes the SD card just $5 instead of $10…I guess that could be worth it if I needed another base.
I wonder if they’ll sell the WCO without the base and what the cost will be for that. I don’t really want another Base station yet…just a timelapse toy.

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I assume they will in October sometime. That’s when the stand alone cameras that Wyze sold during the “pre-sale” last month are supposed to start shipping. The cost is $39.99 plus shipping.

Priced $69.99 at Home Depot :flushed::flushed::flushed:. More than Wyze charges! Out of stock also

I bought one from Home Depot the day it came out at my local Home Depot. Ordered some of those flexible tripod legs from Amazon to connect it to the front of my house, since there’s no wood where I need to mount it.

I’m pretty happy with the purchase. Plus now I have 2 base stations. That’ll cover me in terms of cameras, since I won’t need to go past 8 outdoor cameras anyway.

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I don’t know what all the fuss is about with this camera. I live high in the Rockies and have had a Wyze pan camera In a rubberized housing I bought on amazon for 10 bucks plugged into a outdoor extension cord working flawlessly through 2 winters.

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Well that is bad news for us “supporters”. I pre-ordered from Wyze but Home Depot gets theirs before I do?

That is certainly a fair frustration.

I think you can cancel your order as long as it hasn’t shipped yet. Someone else said they were able to cancel with the first round of orders, though another person was told they had to wait until it arrived and then ship it back, You can try to cancel your order then go buy it at Home Depot to get it earlier.

No I am not cancelling. I am going to expose it.