Wyze Outdoor Cam - Base Station refuses to re-connect

Base station for WOC went offline early this AM, and now refuses to reconnect to my network. Constant flashing blue light. I have power cycled the base station multiple times, tried the ‘Sync’ button, power cycled the router it’s plugged into. No dice. My mesh network (Google OnHub) is working fine. All other devices have a perfect connection.

Is anybody else having issues w/ their base station? Any advice, Wyze?

I think you better contact Wyze Support directly.

I have 3 base stations (1 beta and 2 production) and have not had a problem like that with any of them. Nor have any other testers reported such a problem as best as I can recall.

The only troubleshooting ideas that I can think of are making sure your cable and router ports have not gone bad. I know it is very unlikely, but they should be ruled out on general principle.

I am pretty sure the sync button is for connecting to the cameras.

Same issue here. I got around to putting camera outside last night and it was working fine. This morning went to see if it captured anything and base station will not connect. 5 other wyze cams are working and have switched enet cables and ports still just a blinking light . I did upgrade the firmware yesterday as well, is this a bug? Can I roll back to previous version via SD card?

Update: After several reboots base finally connected. But now it will not connect to camera. Definitely not impressed with these units.

I’ve reached out to the other WCO testers in hopes that somebody can help. As I said, I’ve never had this issue, but I’m hoping someone else can lend a hand.

I finally got my camera to connect . I end up having to go outside and wave my hand in front of it to get it to wake up. I didn’t get a motion event though. After connecting through the app. I went back out and moved in front of it and got a motion trigger. Not looking good for this camera . I definitely thought of this being like a standard trail camera with connectivity. But after reading some of the other forums I think I wasted my money. Deer in my yard as I write this. Let’s see if I get a motion event.

Well with a deer standing literally 10 feet directly in front of the camera, No motion event. Tried to live view, base station offline according to the app. Look at the base station, solid blue light. So apparently even that is unreliable. Going to try to cancel other WCO I have on order.

if you have issue with base station connecting, pls submit a log from App - Account -> help& feedback-> submit a log. And post the LOG ID here. thank you for your help.

Update: After power cycling my entire mesh network yesterday, the base station finally re-connected. Not sure if that was the fix, or if it was just a coincidence. I also updated to the new firmware yesterday, after it was re-connected. Still working today, so far.

Considering that I don’t need to power my cycle my network to get any other devices re-connected in my home, I hope that Wyze is looking into this. Most ‘normal’ end users would be at a loss as to why it won’t re-connect, and would just give up.

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There might potentially be an IP conflict issue, would need to log to be sure though. If you run into the issue again, pls do the log submission for me. thank you.

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