Wyze Outdoor Cam Arrived

Been using the WCO on my front porch for a few days now. I have it on my front porch ceiling covering my front door. Seems to be working fairly well, however, it has missed me exiting my door a couple times (didn’t trigger a recording). Battery is dropping around 1% per day, so I might get 3 months out of a charge. I anticipate that it will last much less on a charge this winter. We’ll see.

I agree w/ others here that I would strongly prefer to have CMC active on the WCO. My main purpose for these is to cover the entrances to my home. If something nefarious is going on, I want it to keep recording as long as a warm body is there. I will end up looking at alternatives if Wyze isn’t interested in allowing CMC on WCO. It’s sad to say that, as a long-time supporter of Wyze.


I received my Outdoor Cam yesterday and I got to say that I am NOT impressed with it so far.

The documentation is lacking. I assuming that I am in the minority with it comes to reading the manual but it is just something that I do. Anyway I started charging the camera and the little quick start guide says that if the red light is flashing it is charging. I found some other documentation online that said it will be at least 4 hours to fully charge. After 7 hours the light was still flashing so I powered up the camera and put it online and it showed 100%, so why wasn’t the light solid like the documentation says? OK so maybe a minor bug.

The next item is the detection settings. Why would you adjust the camera the detection zone? Your supposed to adjust the zone to the viewing area. Then the detection distance, so is this in inches, feet, yards? I have yet to find anything giving me this information.

In the Event Recording section there is a setting for a Cooldown. The first thing I thought of was someone walking or driving up to the front of my home (where I have the camera) and I get 12 seconds of recording of the first movement than they have 5 minutes to do whatever without being recorded. No proof that they did anything other than walk for drive up in front of my home. Great. I understand we need to conserve battery but a 5 min cooldown is not good. I changed it to 3 min just to see what the effect on the battery would be last night and over a 12 hour period the camera ate 4% for the battery on 8 events. A little quick math says that I would get about 12 days of use with a full charge and a 3 min cooldown. Not good. Also there is another toggle switch for Back up to Base Station in the Event Recording section. What is being backed up to this SD Card and how do I access it without having to remove it from the base station. The same question for the SD Card of the Outdoor Camera, how to I access the card without removing it? On the V2 it right there on the screen (View Playback).

I’m going to let the camera run for a few days to see if I can figure out things but as it stands right now I will be returning the Outdoor Cam and going back to the V2 that I had in the front of the house.

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You would remove the Mount from the bottom of the outdoor camera , on the bottom of the camera there are quarter 20 female threads .
I don’t have my outdoor camera yet so I can’t show you a picture,
maybe someone else will post a picture of the bottom of the camera for ya

I’m an idiot and didn’t try popping the stand off (or reading the instructions). This should be a really good solution for a tree branch!

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I confirmed today that this Mount does work with well the WOC had it mounted on a tree branch for testing today :+1:


I have the same issues/questions. The phone-app manual is a joke (I keep searching for a way to reboot/reset it since the app is missing the “Reset” button eventhough every other camera has that option). My red-light is still blinking after 12+ hours of charging (plugged into the base) and the app says 100%. It won’t read/recognize ANY SD card (posted this as a different topic) eventhough the card reads/formats everywhere else - including the base. This is a sad start for a long developed product. I will give it a week or so for them to work out the kinks before I as for a refund!

I’ll put 100$ that it will be here soon enough. But this is a trailblazer product. Folks need to chill the F out. Patience is what is expected in this kind of product. Dang.

How exactly is it a “trail blazing” product? EZ-VIZ offers a better camera at the same price. Eufy now offers a line that provides much better cameras for slightly more and a number of companies offer the exact same camera such as Neos, iSmartAlarm and Xiaomi.

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That’s cool. But you’re not getting the principle. You’re a trailblazer for WYZE. Not these other non-wyze development programs.

Trailblazer product!? I call bs; these cameras were worked on for over 2 years and Wyze received a ton of feedback on what the people wanted and they failed big time. Opinions are are like buttholes…everyone has one!! :man_shrugging:

OMG. You are a gem. Have a nice day. But these are TRAILBLAZER products anytime you buy Version 1.