Wyze Outdoor Cam Arrived

I just got my Wyze Outdoor Cam today and I’m charging it right now and will have to mount it outside on one of my off days, which starts on Sunday. But upon looking through the settings, I just thought of something that could probably guarantee the chance of the cam having something around a 6 month battery life, like Wyze claims. First off, I still have v2 Wyze cams in my window pointed outdoors and those stay on 24/7, so I was thinking, I probably don’t really need the WOC to be on all night while I’m sleeping, so if I did an automation for it to just turn off every night after midnight or something, and back on again sometime in the morning, that would probably save on motion alerts every night when cars drive by. I don’t know, just was thinking of this now, since I never heard anyone else mention it as a good battery saving technique.


unless you have it close enough to the road that it pics up the residual heat from the car as it passes you shouldn’t have to worry about needless alerts, remember the ODC utilizes a PIR sensor for heat and not that glorious pixel change we have all become accustomed to. headlights and lightning and night-vision changes will no linger be a trigger. whoo hoo


@Bam, is correct. My test WCO has been in 8 different places on my house and in the yard for that past 7 months and I do not recall getting a single night-time false alert due to bugs, headlights or movement.
But, I have captured deer, rabbits, raccoons, coyotes and cats walking past the camera. If the point of putting the WCO outside that window is to be alerted to people coming close to the house, then you don’t really want to turn it off.
I have been averaging about 14 weeks per charge. While that is not the “up to 6 months” they say, I’m good with that.
These are really nice cameras. And they are tough. A couple of testers had their cameras take a fall (one was a 10 foot drop) and kept on working.


This is exactly how I have my nature cams set up.
One V2 is inside a birdhouse. This is turned off at 8pm because headlights from passing cars trigger the motion detection and nothing is happening in there at night. The cam is back on at 6am.
Another V2 is outside and pointed at another birdhouse and follows the same schedule.

Mine has arrived too and I’m SO disappointed with the range. So far, I can’t connect to the cam more than about 25 feet from my base station. I’ve spent the past hour trying to find a spot to mount it, even moving the base unit from the center of the house to an outside wall. The bad news is I have 3 more on order.

I was really hoping this would replace my Arlo system, but unless I’ve just received a bad copy, Netgear has nothing to worry about.

I have been bullish on Wyze for a long time, owning an indoor cam, scale, 3 bands, bulbs, and sensors. Sadly, I fear I may be done.

Just mounted mine!


@redejonghe Welcome to the Wyze community! The image quality is really impressive. I can’t wait to get mine. Thanks for sharing. :+1:


Looks good. I received mine and have been testing it in different locations before i mount it. i am definitely getting more than 50ft of range just from the places i have walked around outside my house to test.

if anyone had to do anything special for your mounting locations, let’s see those pics. I have 2 more coming and i am going to need a mount for vinyl siding so i dont have to screw into it. i wonder if the same mount of hooks people have used for the V2 will work with this? This definitely has more weight to it.

Do you have an android device? If so you can download an app called wifi analyzer to see if there is a lot of interference on your base station.

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Actually, there is a tester that either created or worked with someone else to 3D print a clip for the WCO base. I’ll see if I can find out who did it and have him jump in here.


I did find it. Here is a link to the thread: WyzeCam Outdoor vinyl siding mount

Thanks again @Ken.S

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I’ve been playing with my new outdoor camera for the past few hours and I can say that I’m very disappointed!!

This camera is basically a smaller version of a trail cam with gimmicky add-ons like travel mode and time lapse.

I hope there will be some kind of way to incorporate the C.M.C. into this camera or I’m going to throw it in a damn drawer and put my V2 camera back up!!

As it stands, I would not recommend the outdoor over the V2 camera…

Has anybody had issues with adding the base station on. During the section of list, the base station or outdoor camera isn’t even an option.
Any ideas. I’ve deleted and rebooted app several times. Updated everything. As well.

i think even w/cmc, the use will be very limited or useless at all for those who have no problem to get the wire.

the camera was triggered at position 1 (green shade is pir detection zone which u cannot change), but the recording probably starts at position 2, so effective detection area is about 30% of the view area. if the person is running, the camera will only record his/her back at the far right side.

second, it is slower than v2, i use trigger rule to let v2 to record if motion detected by wco. the v2 is located 8 yards away (after passing the door to the right of the image) but records nothing because i hv already entered inside the house.

if u don’t hv wire and cannot use v2, wco has some but limited value (yes, it can take a good view picture, but u will hv very limited info u needed), i cannot find value if u want to use like v2

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If you had complete motion capture on the outdoor camera just using the battery, and you had motion that lasted 2 or 3 minutes at a time the battery would not last long at all

Yeah, I’m glad I didn’t order two cameras! I don’t think this camera will get better any time soon; 2+ years of working on this and this is what they came up with?? :thinking:

They should give us the option of recording beyond 12 seconds.

I have other battery cameras and they wake up much faster than the WCO and they also record until there’s no more motion; the batteries last about 6 months in a area with a lot of movement (from a bunch of animals mostly).

CMC might be too much but the 12 seconds is definitely not enough with the camera’s slow wake up response…

@mvb, this is great to hear as my use case is primarily in my backyard as a “trail cam” around the edge of a pond. I think my issue will be creating detection zone that doesn’t get my kids playing but does capture nature.

I still will utilize v2s or something else wired around the exterior of house as I want continuous recording for security. That stated the false notifications of the v2s are killing me.

Look forward to playing around with it this afternoon. Anyone have any good tree mounting ideas? I’d prefer not to nail into tree. Also hoping there will be some tree bark looking skins.

I have a couple of other brand cameras mounted with these , one on a 4x4 post , another an 1 1/4" pole, the mounts have quarter 20 male threads on the end, will work perfect on a tree branch.
I plan on using one for the wyze outdoor in a tree when camera gets here


Thanks @HDRock! This could work for one of my trees with lower branches. I have another tree where it may have to go on the trunk.

How would you connect wyze mount to the screw?