Wyze outdoor base station not an option in app

App doesn’t have a base station setup option so I’m stuck on step 4…

Android version 2.11.40.

What am I missing?

There are a few other option below the screenshot that are also not the base station :grin:

Thanks in advance for any thought you might have!

No option for wyze cam outdoor either?

I’d try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Thanks. I already uninstalled and reinstalled the app. :frowning:

You could try the beta app. If you go to the play store and go to the regular wyze app and scroll down there should be an option that says join beta.

That version of the app doesn’t have those devices. The next version if the app adds support for the WCO.


Android App

2.12.29 (July 29, 2020)
General App:

  • Added the new Cam Plus service. Now you can use Person Detection with Complete Motion Capture!
  • Added support for Wyze Cam Outdoor
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Thanks I’m going to try to join the beta and see if that app is better!

The prod version 2.12.29 has WCO. That is the version you should be running. At this moment, the “beta” version is the same as the prod version.

Is there a place to get that version other than the app store which doesn’t seem to have it?

I have the same problem. Play store only showing version 2.11.40. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, but it’s the same old version.

I did install WyzebandBeta and I do see the base station when I click on add device. However, both the base station and the Wyze Cam Outdoor doesn’t do anything when you try to select it.

That is odd. When I look at the Google Play Store and search for Wyze, I see the most current version as @Omgitstony shows in his post above.

Maybe we need to tag @WyzeGwendolyn into this thread. It is the weekend, so she may not respond until tomorrow. But, knowing her…

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On my Pixelbook, I get version 2.11.40. On my Pixel 2 XL it’s 2.12.29 Could that be the difference?

Thanks all! I was able to download the beta version and set everything up!

Thanks so much!

It could be. I have only ever tried using Play Store on my Samsung Galaxy s8. I am in the beta group, but the official public version is 2.12.29. So, my guess would be the way the Pixelbook connects to the Play Store.

even though that version is a production version, I don’t think it’s public yet. I think it was pushed to us testers 1st.

I’m still having the same problem of unable to get to 2.12.x version. Why both my Samsung S9 and from browser to Play Store showing 2.11.40 as the latest version…

I am at 2.12.29 BETA and the Outdoor Cab and Hub are listed…so…I would presume that the app will be updated asap or you need to get the beta…my cams arrive Wednesday.

According to the Wyze Release Notes site, 2.12.29 was released on 7/29/2020. That is why I thought I was safe in mentioning it.

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ahh yes, I see that now

I received my WOC, but with my Samsung 10 5G, Play store shows 2.11.40 version, without WOC options, and beta band app, which says version 3.2.18, shows options, but selecting them does nothing. Is there a place on WYSE site to download correct beta?

go to the wyze app in the play store, there’s a option to opt into beta testing, you should be able to update the app soon after

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