Wyze on Computer

Same-o. I am 100% Android. Me wifey is 100% apple. She sometimes borrows my phone but I can’t borrow hers, I don’t even confidently know how to unlock it.

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A friend here to visit who is all ipad all the time actually refused to use my little nexus 7 to browse for something when her battery was low. I just looked at her quizzically and shrugged. :man_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:

A good product should offer both options… as evidenced by this topic.

The Yi Home timeline is more fluid. Even on pinch and zoom. Wyze does work for me with pinch and zoom but is kind of clunky. Its hard to hit the exact start of the video. If you miss it by 1 sec. it looks like the bar is on the beginning of the video timeline but it just sits there and says no video at the selected time. Then you have to try and scroll the timeline up a fraction and at least for me, into the video past the beginning. Yi will automatically advance the the head of the video clip when reaching a dead space of no video. If you move your timeline back and forth and stop in a section of no video, it will advance to the next recorded event.

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Yes, I have a mixture of 3 Yi and 4 Wyze Cams. While the Yi app doesn’t have all of the features the Wyze app has, It seems much snappier and easier to use than the Wyze app. Viewing and playing back video is much quicker and smoother. Yi has been far more reliable than Wyze in giving me event notifications. The huge advantage for me is the Yi Windows app. The Yi app works in Windows without any third-party kludgy software. It can run in the background for instant viewing while using very little systems resources. I only use Wyze for watching my cat and recording time-lapse videos.

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You can also use VLC viewer if you install the RTSP functionality. Cameras become addressable by IP.