Wyze Night Light v2 Ideas

Hi, new here also, hope this is the right place for this.

  1. The ability to turn on the top light and bottom light of the night light.
  2. The ability to dim the brightness of not just the light, but each light (top light, bottom light)
  3. The ability to either order different colors of lights, the ability to order a different color and manually change the color of the led, make them RGB and let us change between a million colors on the fly. (is there a diy video on changing out the led’s?)
  4. My wise doorbell chime is close enough to my wise nightlights…when the doorbell is pressed make the chime also flash the nightlights? (maybe not my best idea but if we could configure that in the doorbell app as a option would be nice)

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Great ideas.

I like the ideas you have come up with… a couple of mine would be:

  1. Increase the magnet strength so that our dog does not continue to knock them off the walls
  2. Allow for colored lights, so that you could theme your stairs
  3. Allow interactions with nightlights and other lights to act as motion sensor triggers for rooms as well
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I would also like some pointing flexibility as well

I’d like to see them be made weatherproof so I can put them along my house and hang them on the steel siding.

Select night light colors like color bulbs.