I ordered some 400mah batteries which I will be adding in parallel to the current 300mah. Charge circuit should be able to work fine with this, but we’ll see. Plenty of space on opposite side of existing battery to add a 2nd. I’ll throw up some pics once I get batteries this week.

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Will check out your upgrade…I went back to my LED Traditional Nite lite. This Wyze light is no “Traditional Nite Lite”.

Just got my first set of three; hope I like them; previous posts seem to be somewhat mixed.

I’m currently charging my first one with my 85w USB-C charger for my Mac – is there a recommended max-size charger to use with these, or do they somehow “sense” how much current to draw from the charger ? if someone already posted the answer to this, sorry, I missed it on my first pass thru the forum.

USB-C Power Delivery is supposed to automatically determine the voltage, and if the device is “dumb”, it should charge using the standard 5 volt output (with a maximum of 3 amps available output, for 15 watts total). A device will only draw the amperage it requires.

New lights are awesome!

I have a light setup at side of my bed and one setup on my wife’s side off the bed. These two are linked and help us navigate around our bed when walking to the bathroom. We trapped over the to for the time being so they don’t light up the ceiling of it bedroom.

So improvement request #1 is to add a switch to say which lights light up. Top, Bottom, both, or neither (sensor only).

We then installed a light over the tank off our toilet which goes in when we enter the bathroom. A few seconds later the lights in our bedroom go off.

After we leave the bathroom, the lights in the bedroom go on and 15 seconds later they’re off when we’re in our beds.

One other ask would be to have a way to tweak the amount of time that the lights stay lit.

We love these night lights!!

P.s. a few tips:

  1. I used blue painters tape to temporarily position the lights for sensing movement.
  2. I’m going to either paint the top step off lights, or de-solder then to turn them off.

I inadvertently messed up one of the sticky tapes in the 3-pack, so now I can’t mount one of my lights. Is there a way to get more tapes?

I used Command Strips to attach mine to the wall. Works well.

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I’m charging again. 16 days this time and several days I didn’t walk down those stairs, So maybe 12 days of twice a day.

Are the Command Strips made by 3M?


My first charge I only got about a week. Not that many activations. We’ll see how this week goes.

These lights look nice on my stairway (6 lights total, linked) and the delay between activating a light and the others turning on is acceptable. However, I’m literally getting about 2.5 nights of light out of these things on Auto mode. (I haven’t tried running them unlinked to see if that improves the situation, as part of the point of my buying these was that they would all turn on at once.) My house is reasonably small and we have three people going up and down the stairs, but I still really expected these lights to last at least a couple weeks between charges. I’m not realistically going to get around to charging six lights every three days, so I’m not sure how useful they’ll prove. I feel like the Wyze Night Lights look nice when they work, but they really should have a much larger battery capacity. The current capacity is clearly inadequate, at least for my needs.

I got 9 total.

4 linked on main stairway
2 linked on another stairway
2 linked on another stairway
1 just hanging around at a random-ish spot

In general, they are perfect. However…

For one, the 4 on main stairway seems to link strange. Half the time only half of them light up. Not sure what’s up with them. Distance isn’t that long either, about 2 meter spacing.

Second stairway with 2 lights also lights up linked very randomly, usually they don’t seem to link (and they are about 1 meter distance). They only light up when I walk past each sensor. Not huge deal, but not what was advertised.

Then the battery life… says 85 days in auto-mode. For the main stairway 4 lights, I feel one of them is always charging, and I usually leave them overnight ~12h charge so should be full. Not sure if I get even one week per charge. Especially as I have 9 of them total, basically always one is charging. I was wondering if I detach one side lights, maybe I get ~double battery life? With the current battery life they are close to too annoying to keep using. After first install I thought they are great and wanted to order more, but now seeing the actual battery life, I don’t think I want more of these.

Hey, finally got my extra batteries from China. Actually pretty easy install. Just have to ensure the extra battery and the battery in the unit are at close voltages before you connect them (within .2 volts), to avoid any concern. I added a 400mah battery in parallel with the OEM, and I get exceptional on times now, with the motion sensor. I will have to test the full-ON time and let you know, but haven’t done so yet.

Shot with the extra battery that is installed. I tied to a common PCB ground for ease, and then spliced into exisiting positive to other battery. I would have tied right at the “+” terminal on PCB, but leads on new battery are shorter.


Let’s see what Wyze will say about modified products as they do NOT speak about there defective devices.

ha, I would be curious as well. They can take it as a feature suggestion! These are working great now with the extra and charging circuit is doing great with the extra capacity. I’ll try to get numbers, but too busy with the holiday to mess with it. Needless to say, have yet to have to recharge a single one for over 2 weeks now so far!


After using a 3 pack for the last month, had the following feedback/requests for improvements:

  1. Add sensitivity (range) adjustment. Mine go off when we pass by the stairs too often (min/med/max)
  2. Add adjustment for on-time (30s/1m/5m)
  3. Hide USB-C charging port better. Either relocate it, or add white rubber cover. Could locate in rear of unit - I don’t know how many people are charging while using, but it’s unsightly to see the black port showing against a white product all the time.

Otherwise these work very well. Good value, but could use some additional features to make them gangbusters.

You can use “small” size 3M strips to mount the metal plates.

Another feature request: Add brightness sensitivity adjustment to sensor. Mine are mounted in stairway. During the daytime, usually one or more will trigger even though there is plenty of light to see the stairs. This really wastes the battery. I really just want them to trigger at night when I need extra light to see the stairs.