I wanted a night light as well. I charged up one of the lights for several hours. I turned it to the on position at 10pm and by 3am they were dead. I let it charge for more than 6 hours and it couldn’t even stay on for 6 hours. Yesterday I charged another one for 12 hours. That one died in about 5 hours as well. I thought these were supposed to have crazy long battery life. They can’t be on for more than 5 hours or they die? I don’t want motion activated, I want it on throughout the night.

It’s more of a Security Light then a Traditional Nite lite and I went back to my LED nite light. The “2” Wyze light packs are in the garage sale box.

Passing this info along, as it was Wyze’s comment on battery life:

Battery life for Wyze Night Light is up to 128 days in Auto Mode.

Auto Mode (not linked to other night lights): 128 days.*
Auto Mode (linked to other night lights): 85 days.*
Normal Mode (in ON position): 11 hours.

  • Estimated by 10x light activations per day.
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I just got off they phone and they said 10 hours in the “ON” position. That is a joke. (Mine only held the charge for 5 hours or less) They also said you only needed to charge it for 2 hours to be a full charge. I charged mine for well over 2 hours, so I know they should have had a “FULL” charge. I am returning these as they are worthless to me.

You have 30 days to return them for a full refund. I am not sure how long ago you got yours, but I am returning mine as I just got them a couple of days ago.

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Too bad this info isn’t included with the lights…

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You have 6 lights, right? If they’re not sold at the garage sale or dropped if at GW yet, I’ll venmo you $20 for them…

I received and installed my two sets of three night lights after predicting where best they should be mounted. However, even after thinking through where I thought they should go, I needed to move a couple of them to a new location. For instance, the light next to the bed would light up every time we moved in bed when mounted about 18" above the floor, so it needed to be moved to only about 6" above the floor. The problem is that the removable tape behind the steel plates is only good for one use! Please include a few more tape pieces in future kits so I can move the night lights as I learn better where they should go! If possible, also add an accessory that I can order for more of these tape pieces (maybe 10 pieces as an accessory order).

These lights are useless from a Traditional nightlight perspective. These would work better for Outside Security lighting.

I was happy to see these pop up again. But… now they are the same price and I have to pay shipping.

I do get it, manufacturing costs are up, shipping costs are up, etc. So I just decided to look around to see what else is out there.

The ones I have work great, although I have now had to charge each set twice. So on Auto Mode, linked, with maybe 2-3 activations per day, I get about 3 weeks or 21 days. Since it said 10 activations last 85 days I thought that with less activations I would get more. They just don’t last.

I have observed that they last longer when un-linked.

yeah , linked states 85 days, as opposed to unlinked at 128! I decided to pop one open and there is way more space for a second battery, so i will be adding more to each of mine, as I still love the amount of light that comes from these. Another open with it open, is to disconnect one of the LED strips to save energy. I may unsolder the top strip, so only the floor strips will light. They should have given a switch option to turn one or both off, would make it much more usable!


I agree with you. I received my Wyze night Lights yesterday and after charging them up, I’m disappointed. Aside from the fact the instructions are lacking and that you can’t control them through the Wyze app, They could have explained the “Auto” mode which is great if you want that. The “Always On” mode, is a waste, Better to have a “Light Sensor” mode similar to traditional night lights, where if it’s dark, the light stays on.

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Do they use a lithium polymer battery or a cylindrical lithium ion cell?

LIPO pack, 300mah, about 30mm x 20mm x 5mm.

Was I supposed to get a charging cable. How do I charge them?

I do not believe they came with a charging cable. The are charged using a usb-c cable

No charge cable in box…use a USB-C cable.

Adding a larger battery. That’s a great idea. Are they lithium rechargeables?

Easy to open up. Battery is 3.7v / 300mAh. Not much internal space as to using a larger size also from the battery size…around 300 Life Cycles for charging.