Wyze motion sensor with ifttt

Hi, I use wyze motion sensor to turn on the light using Sonoff. I do an IFTTT applet when motion is detected to turn on my Sonoff, when the sensor is clear I create another applet with 1 minute delay ( using glitch.me to run multiple applets) it is working fine. The downside is when the sensor is clear the delay start (1 minute), if the motion is detected again during this delay and then the 1 minute is over, the IFTTT applet will turn off the Sonoff during my presence in the room. How shall I reset the delay time as I am in the room ( motion is detected ) using filter code or what ever or use another delay method?


Here’s what I’ve done to get around it. Use the rules/shortcuts in the Wyze app to run your automation instead of ifttt. Not only is it faster, you can choose how long a sensor has to be clear before it turns off your bulb.

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This is a good solution if I control WYZE bulb from WYZE motion sensor. In my case I want to control sonoff plug which I couldn’t integrate it to WYZE app.