Wyze Monitoring Scheduling


I just received my Wyze home monitoring kit and I have not found a way to schedule arming/disarming. With all of my previous security systems I had the ability to schedule home arming for night time and disarming when we wake up. Is there a feature I am missing, or something that will be added soon so we can setup a home arming schedule?

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Good question. I’m very interested in knowing how to do this too. Yet to receive my kit but I’ll be looking out to hear feedback

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Me too. I have mine but like kristofer.south, I couldn’t find a work around to do this.


Hello @Wyze please work on an app update for this. This is basic home security function. I was so looking forward to this product release, but I am stuck using my kangaroo system for now. At least it automatically arms. Also, would love to be able to tie in the alarm on the V3 cameras in the event of an alarm trigger.


I am needing this as well. I keep setting the alarm off when I go out through a door that doesn’t have a pad on it. I’d be surprised that they didn’t think of this.

+1 on this, I am considering sending back due to this and no way to incorporate rules for notifications tied to HMS modes, it’s a simple thing to do I would think…