Wyze lock won’t calibrate

Hello team,

I just got a Wyze Lock, and I cannot complete the calibration process. The firmware is up to date.

All goes well but at the last step. It opens the lock, then the spinning wheel goes for 10 seconds, and then says it failed.

I have checked that I am using the right blue adaptor, for the thin and diagonal metal plate.

I have tried to:
-Remove and add back the lock from the app
-Remove batteries from the lock and start all over
-Unplugged and plug back the satellite
-Clear the app cache
-Ensured that I can easily lock and unlock without any resistance

Hi @sylvain.

Was this resolved with the other issue?


It was not. This happened after the batteries issue. Actually, the unit would randomly tell me that I was at 20% battery level.

Also in an effort to try to solve that calibration issue, I removed the device and start the setup from scratch a bunch of times. It would sometime give me the same “not enough battery to complete the calibration process”.

I reached out to customer support that is sending a replacement.

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Gotcha. Sorry for all the issues the device gave you and glad to hear support is getting you squared away.

Again, Welcome to the community. Lot’s of good stuff here in Tips and Tricks and the Wishlist.