Wyze lock with mult lock

I’m having issues installing the wyze lock with the mult lock dead bolt. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Do you mean the double lock style with a key on both the inside and outside? If so, I don’t think it’s compatible with that type of lock. Actually, I don’t think an smart lock of this style is.

No - it’s this one https://www.google.com/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwjUgYqmk_jmAhUJnbMKHf92B8EYABAMGgJxbg&sig=AOD64_3aDitJJ67OxJPTBednypn6SiS9SA&adurl&ctype=5&ved=2ahUKEwjkkoCmk_jmAhUEIt8KHZtVDWAQwg96BAgBEGQ

Not sure compatible with that. That’s a question for support. Imo

What is the issue you are running into?

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I looked at your link and other than the type of key, it looks like a typical deadbolt with the same type of thumb knob as others. I don’t see anything obvious that would be a problem like double cylinder.

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Yes what is exactly the issue? Can’t fix what we don’t know is broken is the old saying.

Not saying anything is broken just saying we need info.

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Pretty sure this is why he is having an issue.

About this item

  • High Security deadbolt system for commercial and residential doors.
  • 90 degree key rotation throws the bolt 1" towards the frame, interlocking two hardened ball bearings with the strike to increase jimmying resistance.

Thank you all for the replies. The issue i’m having is the deadbolt from the inside of the house which has the part that turns the lock (the flat part). Once i remove the part that turns the lock there is no hardware for the wyze lock to activate the lock (the long thin flat metal piece). Additionally i can not get the holes to line up…

I’m just guessing that particular deadbolt is not compatible. It’s not what you would call a dummy deadbolt. You have kind of a extra special deadbolt. I doubt they did any kind of research and design for that specific kind of deadbolt.

Hello @bernardkost,

Are you able to take a picture of the inside of your deadbolt? This will help us investigate the Wyze Lock issue you are having.


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It was put back together and the wyze lock was returned. The MulT lock deadbolt is setup much differently than a standard dead bolt.

I have the same issue!
I have MUL-T-LOCK deadlock installed on my front door and instead of flat or D-type rotating part I have rounded rotating part


May be I can use D-type adapter that is included after some rework?

Can someone post these three dimmentions for me:

  1. Inner dimmension of D-type hole of included Wyze adapter
  2. Outer dimmension of D-type adapter (smaller size)
  3. Outer dimmension of D-type adapter (larger size)