Wyze Lock wishlist

I love the auto unlock feature but would appreciate a tweek. I love the auto unlock feature but I would like to see modified. As an apartment dweller, I often don’t go far enough away to trigger the auto unlock. I discovered I need to be at least a block away to activate that feature. So when I go to the fitness center, mailbox or the hallway trash chute in my building or to a store on my block the auto unlock doesn’t work.


I have the same issue. I work in an office building immediately behind my home. It is not far enough away to trigger the auto unlock when I return to the house.

It would be helpful to have an app on my Apple Watch. This would negate the need for taking a key or my phone with me each time I go from one building to another. I realize this wouldn’t be a solution for everyone, but for me, it would make life a little easier.

Would like to see more control of time, in addition to bluetooth and geofence range as noted above. We should have complete control of amount of time for relocking after inadvertent unlocking, Also more notifications, like if lock has remained unlocked for more than a certain period of time, or when the door is opened, etc.

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Apple Watch “button” on the watch face to bring up status screen and lock/unlock options would be great.

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I use an Fitbit Ionic which also has GPS and Bluetooth so a button for the Wyz Lock on it would be nice.

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I also live in apartment. I don’t lose bluetooth signal anywhere inside my apartment. Why not have option to turn off geofence and only use bluetooth. When I lose bluetooth and reconnect auto unlock would work. I know this would only work for some people but if we can’t adjust geofence this would help some.

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How about an option to use wifi for geofensing. I.E If connected or near to the specific SSID or BSSID.

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WiFi is used for Geofencing. Bluetooth is used as a second layer of connectivity if you will.

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So if it is using WiFi which access point and is it on or looking for. BSSID would be the access Points MAC Address. What if we only want to see if its nearby without logging in? Then we can set the strength of that AP to control range.

It uses both Bluetooth and WiFi in conjunction to Auto Unlock. I would assume, but honestly don’t know for sure, it would use your SSID for the WiFi. It uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) for the passive Bluetooth connection.

The features already built into the lock don’t even function properly, we are a long way off from any additional functionality being added unfortunately.

To be fair my lock functions as advertised except for the push notifications.

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@kjay, are you running more than one Wyze app by any chance? I have 3 app installed, the general release app and 2 product beta apps. Until I separated and isolated the product beta apps from my other Wyze products (the lock in particular), I wasn’t getting any lock alerts. I was getting my other triggered alerts.

Once separated, all of the issues I was having with the lock (alerts, auto-unlock) all went away.

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@mvb I do have multiple multiple apps installed. Which app would you say has been the most reliable for the push notifications and how do I go about isolating it?

Major smart lock manufactures have released new locks without the zigbee/z-wave, but using WiFi directly. They may consume a bit more power, but they are mature enough to be released. One less component is cleaner.
I’d like to see Wyze WiFi Smart Lock coming to market soon.