Wyze Lock v2 (lock + keypad in one unit)

Hello Wyze!

I would love to see a Wyze Lock v2 where the lock, key, and keypad are all in one unit. Much like the Schlage Encode product below:


Much cleaner look and can still give guest codes (unlike a finger print reader). I currently have smart locks but want to upgrade to a Wyze lock. One of my hesitations is I will have to buy both the Wyze lock and another “dumb” lock to make this happen since my current smart lock is an all in one solution.

Thank you!

@joshpannone Welcome to the Wyze community!

Don’t forget to VOTE for your own idea. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would prefer to see the Wise Lock with WIFI and Bluetooth over the current need for a WIFIbridge using Zigbee. This is just taking up outlets near all the doors and in a few instances I don’t have an outlet close enough to the door.

I would vote for this, but not for the lock+keypad one. I get the need for the lock and keypad in one unit, but I’d rather not have that. But having a lock with wifi/bluetooth built-in would be nice.

Hey, 2 quick questions,

  1. The online info, it says that the door will automatically lock and then in another line it says it will not automatically lock. Which is it or can you decide what you want?
  2. I want Alexa to lock my door by voice, but not unlock it. Can I set it up that way? (I can do that with my garage door opener so someone can’t yell through my window or door and alexa just unlocks the door for them)

Agree DP. I have double doors and I want them to look the same from the outside. Also I can tuck the keypad behind a pillar or something out of site.