Wyze Lock: Temporarily disabled Autolock (Timer)

For the most part I always have auto lock enabled. But I found multiple occasions where it would be nice to disable it temporarily. This would be an extension of trash mode but time set rather than triggered to disable by the next open or close.

for example I’m working out in the garden for a few hours and don’t have my phone with me and would like to be able to set a timer to re-enable auto lock after 2 hours.

Another example,When having a carpenter work on your house and ng them to come and go while working on it.

I would like an option to turn off auto lock and be able to set a time when it turns back on. Not like a rule thing but like an option when you go into the auto lock settings. That way you still have to be near it to set it up but you don’t have to remind yourself later.

I have little kids and sometimes that are in and out the doors a lot during the day. I would like to be able to turn off autolock for them and then turn out back on automatically later

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