Wyze Lock randomly opening on its own

So, I have a Wyze Lock (in addition to 6 cameras, 2 doorbells and a floor lamp) and I want to love it but it is randomly opening on its own. On Christmas day we were visiting the in-laws and I got a call from my neighbor that the dogs were running loose. Thankfully she grabbed the dogs put them back in the house and locked it up. Then a week later I was standing in the kitchen and I heard the door unlock. I am the only wyze user and I was not doing anything with the app. I have auto lock and auto unlock turned off. Quite scary. I have found it open when we all believed it to be locked 5 or 6 other times. I bought this when it was first offered in pre-order and got one of the first ones shipped but did not install it until recently. Firmware is up to date and I have calibrated it at least 5 times.

Any suggestions other than removing it and tossing it in the garbage?

Welcome to the forum @JamesTFLA. Glad to hear the pups are home safe and sorry to hear of the troubles.

Do you by chance have a locational auto unlock set? Could be a chance that you are on the cusp of your location boundary, weird cellular hop and return and the door unlocks given your proximity?

This is in the lock settings>Auto Unlock.

I also have my lock set to lock, if unlocked every 10 minutes, which for the dogs may be a little long, but you can adjust accordingly.

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I have location unlock off. It’s quite distressing. Fortunately our dogs just chased around in the front yard and don’t head for the hills.

I love my other wyze products but this one is going in the garbage.

I was seeing some odd behavior from my lock a couple weeks ago. It was having trouble deciding if the door was open or closed and as such it wouldn’t auto lock. Like you, I tried recalibration a few times with no luck. Ultimately what fixed for me was to delete the lock (not gateway) for my device list and re-add. It’s been back to normal since then.

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I am having the same problem. Only change is that it started when I updated the phone app to latest version today. It’s happening when the phone is not moving.

Curious as to what the history shows in terms of how the lock was unlocked? (Manual, Keypad, App) As shown below.

If you know the time you can see the action (or lack of), and send a log into support with supporting details.

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