Wyze Lock - random, single beep

Does anyone else have this happen with their lock? The times it does happen are in the mornings between 5-6am, so far . A single short beep goes off, as loud as the alarm for When the door is not closed/ajar, nothing else happens. I only just noticed it after my wife told me about it, (she heard it one morning and got scared that someone else had unlocked the door) I’ve heard it happen at different times on random days. Like this morning, it beeped and I went and opened the app, the battery level is at 76%. So I’m not sure what it means or what??

I’ve not heard that or experienced that. It’s not showing any locks or unlocks on the activity log?


Nope. I checked that too. Nothing in the activity logs

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Even though your batteries are showing 76%, try replacing them and see what happens.

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I’ll try that. Still seems like an issue either way. If I have to replace the batteries in just over a month of use( I installed it 1/11) or if the app isn’t reporting drainage correctly.

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I replaced mine after 2 weeks. They were shot. I think it’s kinda like the batteries in sensors. They are cheap off brands. Go with a lithium ion battery. In your sensors too. You’ll notice a big improvement.

Yup. I have Eneloop Pros in the lock. Never used the generic batteries. Same for the sensors, I got energizer cells in those.

Okay guys, @towl & @paindonthurt. You are both suggesting putting rechargeable batteries in the lock. I can see the economics of doing that. But, I thought I read somewhere here that it was not recommended for some reason or another. (Maybe power output or something like that.)

Or is that the difference between the old NiCad battery and lithium ions?

Not all lithium ion batteries are rechargeable. There are just regular lithium ion batteries and rechargeable lithium ion batteries just like with the old NiCad batteries. Some were rechargeable and some were not. I am not advocating a rechargeable battery at all. I’m advocating a good quality lithium ion battery.

There is a huge difference between lithium-ion and NiCad batteries. Lithium ion last much longer and were NiCad batteries slowly drain lithium ion batteries will keep their power until right at the end it will drain rapidly at the end. But there’s a lot of information you can Google on the differences.

All of my Milwaukee power tools I have switched over to their M 18 fuel line which is lithium ion. Much better performance than the Milwaukee Ni cad tools that I used to have.


I’m not recommending that, Just saying what I did personally. I’d rather just recharge than buy new batteries each time. I’m sure quality Li-Ion batteries will last awhile, but just a matter of personal preference and convenience for me.

What you probably read was probably the post below. As stated in this post if you use other batteries I would just be sure they are actually 1.5 instead of 1.2


Yup, that’s the one. Thanks, Jason!

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Has anyone actually tried NiMH batteries in Wyze Lock, and does it work? I missed the early access so I can’t test it myself. Even if I need to replace the batteries a little more often, I would prefer to use NiMH over alkaline.

I do not know if anyone has or not, I have just been using alkaline in mine.

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I’m exactly having this issue. The lock beeps once every after 1 minutes. I changed the battery couple of days ago and we have noticed this today. Any remedies to get rid of this beep?