Wyze Lock Opinion

I’ve had my lock installed for half of a day now so as an expert, I thought I would share some of my thoughts and opinions about the Wyze lock. To start off, I would like to say that I am satisfied with my purchase and will most likely buy another one when they become available again. Below is a list of things, in my opinion, that would make the lock better. Perhaps these are things that are already being looked into, maybe considered for future versions, or perhaps were already rejected due to whatever reason.


The ability to create a rule (device trigger) that would allow you to trigger the lock to unlock. Currently, the only option right now is to trigger the lock to lock. I sort of understand why the team probably left this option out. Perhaps they felt that this could be a security issue/safety concern. However, this should be left up to the owner of the device to choose to use. I had a plan, thought of after my purchase, to create a rule that would unlock the door when a sensor was placed together for 1 minute. This sensor was going to be separated and hidden outside my house as a secret key to be used as an emergency. People leave spare keys hidden outside all of the time. Hell, I currently have one outside right now hidden. In my opinion, this is far safer because now you need to find both pieces to unlock my door.

This one is similar to the first and could be achieved if they were to allow the first. The ability o create a rule (shortcut) to unlock (and lock) the lock. Being able to create a shortcut such as this would make it quicker and easier to unlock and lock the door from the main screen of the app. Again, I understand why they probably didn’t add the unlock option to the rules, but this should be left up to the owner/user of the lock.


This one is not a huge deal but is more of a comfort level thing (mostly for my wife). Being able to set the radius of the geo fence for the auto unlock feature. I understand that your phone must leave the fence and then get close enough to the lock to unlock but nearly all of us do not live in mansions and require a 300+ foot radius around our house. Again this one is not a huge deal but it would be nice to be able to control this ourselves.

Having a visible light/indicator on the back of the lock to show if it is locked or unlocked would be convenient. This could easily be done without being able to see from the other side of the door or through a window.

Where the heck is my souvenir Wyze screwdriver? I mean common, that would have blown away my installation experience (Which by the way to approximately 10 minutes). All jokes aside, that was by far the best out of the box to installation experience I have ever had. The Wyze team almost thought of everything (forgot the darn screwdriver).

As stated above, these are just my expert first impressions of the lock. I know the keypad will be coming out sometime this year which will remove the need for #1 but in my opinion the owner should have complete control of the customization of its devices. In the meantime, my auto lock and auto unlock will stay disabled.

Thank you Wyze for another great product and I cannot wait to add the next device to my collection.


I disabled this on Lutron too. They were 1000 feet.

your #4, the light at the top being lit when locked and off when not or vice versa, i would really like this feature added


I think I would rather have longer battery life


Can’t you tell my handle position?


I really like the creativity of #1. I never would have thought of something like that. If they ever make something like this possible it should be noted that any magnet can trick the contact sensor into thinking its closed.


I just checked my garage door. They suggest a geofencing of 265 minimum but prefer you at 500 feet. These are free numbers

An actual key seems more useful. If the lock battery dies, for example, the sensor wouldn’t help you anyway. But yeah, I think it was a conscious decision not to allow unlocking via rules. Otherwise, it’s inevitable that someone will accidentally trigger “Unlock” instead of “Lock” when they set their bulbs to vacation mode, or something similarly boneheaded.

My Kwikset dumb battery combination lock that the Wyze lock just replaced had the light. It wasn’t on constantly, but blinked once every 15 or 20 seconds, green for unlocked and amber for locked. The 4 AA batteries last close to a year.


I can tell this by seeing what position the handles in. I don’t necessarily understand why you would need a light


Oh, I don’t think it’s necessary, I just doubt it would have much of an effect on battery life if it did. Even though it’s not necessary, I wouldn’t mind having it. I did get used to looking at the light from across the room at night where it was dark by the door to see if it was locked before bed

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It could possibly be added to the gateway light which wouldn’t impact battery but is probably less visible than the door.


I find the screen displays confusing. On the home screen

it shows the lock is open.

On the Lock screen it shows teh locke is “locked” but has an open icon. Screenshot_2|236x500

It would be more clear if the home screen showed the status of the lock like other devices and I’m not sure the purpose of the Open icon on the Lock screen.

What the home screen is showing you is that the door is open. Which makes sense when you think about it. It means that regardless of the lock state, your door cannot be secured until you close it.

Once it is closed, then you will see that actual status of the lock on the main screen.


My home screen shows this same open status even though the door is shut and locked. The link screen actually shows it’s locked and open. For some reason all my PIR sensors rules stopped working last night and also now the auto lock isn’t working. Seems like I may need to open a ticket. Screenshot_20200114-224057_WyzeBeta|243x500

I would try calibrating it again and make sure when it says to open the door have it wide open.

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I don’t see that Bluetooth is active.

They removed the bluetooth indicator in the latest app update, only way to tell if bluetooth is connected is to bring up the settings and see if any are greyed out.


Thanks, that fixed the lock. Calibrating before I had the door probably 90 degrees open. This time was more like 120 degrees open. Also it now auto locked again.


It is still displayed on the prod Wyze app. What is shown above is from a beta version.

That is not to say it won’t go away with the next prod version, though.