WYZE Lock - Make Geofence Adjustable

Unfortunately I am returning my Wyze Lock as the auto unlock feature, for what I bought the lock for does not work in my situation. THERE IS NO WAY TO ADJUST THE SIZE OF THE GEOFENCE. We live in a condo community - pretty large BUT the only way auto unlock would work for me is if I got in my car and drove about a 1/4 mile from my apartment. Most of our movement is within the community, say to a neighbor - not far enough away to trigger the auto unlock feature. Otherwise a great lock. When an adjustable geofence feature is available I will be back. (need to adjust it down to 100 feet or even less.)

should allow the user to set some parameters to what the Geofencing distance should be.

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Agree wholeheartedly with Steven. I understand that geofencing is there to prevent the lock from constantly opening when you’re near the door but there should be the ability to adjust the parameters or set up a routine that would trigger the reopening. I also find that if I have gone outside the geofencing area and I linger too long in my car or do not come directly upstairs to my condo, the geofencing times out and Auto Unlock doesn’t work.

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This is not a new subject. I returned my lock because, living in an apartment, I had to go a minimum of 1/8 mile from my door to make the geo fence unlock. I bet it you came up with an adjustable, say down to 20 feet, geo fence your lock sales will skyrocket. There have been too many posts with this complaint. GreatBUT.



We just installed the lock yesterday, and love it. Yes, the Geofence range size is VERY problematic.

If we visit a park behind our house and come within 2 bocks of our small subdivision, it is in range to unlock.

We need something like 100 feet (30 meters?) to be useful.

If you need a software reference check out Hubitat, their software uses mainly open source to provide similar function for geofencing.

Also, is there a way to have the iPhone version use Google Maps instead of Apple Maps? In our area Google Maps has much more detail and my wife would really like the option. I use Android.

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Simply entering the geofence will not unlock your lock, you need to also come within the Bluetooth range of your gateway.