Wyze Lock Integration with Home Monitoring

I’d like to see the Wyze lock integrated with the Home Monitoring System to allow it to be used as an entry sensor, since the lock already has that functionality built in.

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Great idea! Note to others: if you agree then be sure to hit the Vote button! (I see a lot of Likes but only a few Votes, which seems odd…)


In regards to the Home System I feel like it would be beneficial to make the Wyze door lock Able to link to the monitoring system and use it as a sensor for when the door is open or closed and able to make the alarm go of when the house is armed.

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Something I would like wyze to add in the future would be for the home monitoring system to disarm if the wyze door lock was unlocked from the keypad. Because as of now it’s very inconvenient to have to punch in a pin at the door then go inside and have to go to another keypad to disarm the home system.


Update Lock hardware to work with new Sense Hub from Home Monitoring system. I don’t understand why you guys keep changing communication protocols… Product integration is one of the most important priority for an “ecosystem” to work.

Why isn’t the Wyze Lock apart of the Home Monitoring System? Since the Wyze Lock has the same notification feature, when the door is opened and closed, as the door/window sensors. It would have been ok to wait extra time for it to have already been apart of the Home Monitoring System.

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This shouldn’t be a wish list item. It’s already a roadmap item for HMS. @WyzeTeam announced at the launch of HMS that the Wyze Lock will added to the system. I expect to see this in next update


People are missing the point. I strongly disagree with merging my post into this one!!! Sure making the Lock work with HMS is important. But my concern is: How many more separate Hubs you want us to have??? There’s one for HMS, one for Lock, one for Outdoor Cam. I still need to plug in the Chime for Doorbell. Does adding integration means another Integration Hub??? STOP!!! I understand certain communication have limitations thus require more than just Wifi or Bluetooth. BUT it doesn’t mean that it is acceptable to have a hundred million different hubs!!!

It seems so basic I was shocked it wasn’t integrated already but the lock should act like a for sensor. When the door is open, it should trip the alarm.

Better yet, when the door unlocks, it should disable the alarm.

Interesting how two hubs and a chime box = a hundred million different hubs. I like your logic!