Wyze Lock - Guest Code

Hello - It’s easy to share the Wyze lock with someone who is also a Wyze member and/or who is willing to download the app.

  1. Is there a way to create a guest code or otherwise provide access (ability to unlock or lock) with someone who doesn’t want to download the app?
    I see a mention of keypad access here but the related link doesn’t work (for me and maybe others). https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035746231-Sharing-your-Wyze-Lock
  2. And, can share codes or guest codes be limited to certain days or times?

Thanks, Steve

The keypad isn’t available yet. We haven’t been given a date, but the speculation is when the lock is released to everyone, possibly next month.


Would be nice for early backers to have better details on the keypad. I purchased this lock in hopes that when the keypad is available that you can manage the codes remotely with your phone ( Remote Airbnb location).
If I can not manage the key pad codes remotely with the app this lock is useless to me .

I tried to ask for details on the keypad on the Lock AMA but important questions were answered because it was a free for all.
Next product release I think we need to have Early Backers ONLY AMA so we can be fully informed and “Wyzer” before making a purchase .
Wyze should treat their Early Backers a little better and not keep us in the dark …

I am ready to buy this, but also would need to know if the keypad which is available can manage the codes remotely with your phone ( Remote Airbnb location).
If I can not manage the key pad codes remotely with the app this lock is also useless to me .


@robstil, all code management is done at the app, I will add a couple of screenshots of the app controls shortly. And it does not matter where you are, locally or 1000 miles away. You know what, I am making an assumption here. Let me run an actual test today and I’ll be able to confirm one way or the other.

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@mvb let me know how that 1000 mile test comes along :wink:

I havent tried it from that far yet.

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If I was going to AZ this year, I’d be able to confirm. But, like I said, I am making the assumption that if you can manage the codes from 8 miles (which I will be testing this afternoon), then you can manage them from any distance.

So you have tested code management remotely? How did it work?

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Thanks mvb –

I helps me to know that the code management is done via the app, but it would be good to know if the phone running the app is required to be within proximity of the base station hub or lock itself. This could suggest that the code management settings were communicated via bluetooth or requiring the same WIFI router.

I’m anxious to hear of your 8 mile test today, It is the same as a 1,000 mile test as both require an internet connection rather than a near field bluetooth or local router.

I’d also appreciate seeing some screenshots as well, as there is limited documentation available on the Wyze site, and the app settings are only available to see after you have setup ad configured a Wyze lock device.

I’m ready to pull the trigger on one of these, but would like to know of its features/limitations in advance

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Here are the screenshots I made while setting up an access code from about 8 miles from home. I think this is what you are looking for.