Wyze lock geofence multiple users

I’m getting mixed messages on using Wyze Lock geofencing with Auto-Unlock and shared users. I have shared the Lock with the wife but it won’t Auto-Unlock for her. We both have iPhones, exactly same model. I have repeatedly checked settings: bluetooth on, Location services for Wyze On and set to Always, Geofence area is correct, Auto-Unlock in app On. forum article says it should work. I totally deleted the lock and reinstalled from scratch and added shared user – with no success. My email back from support says it is unreliable ( go figure). Firmware is I have gotten her phone to Auto-Unlock if I turn my iPhone OFF. Since I have gotten bad info from support on my Wyze cameras in the past, was hoping someone in the forum had an idea. Many Thanks

Well, here is help from no one that knows anything about the lock or that shared experience (you get what you pay for, lol). But my thought is this is a trusted individual inside your own household, so why not share the owner Wyze account? That would give her all the power you have.

Granted a fix may be necessary, but this may be a fast workaround. In the case of a bug, it may be best to post that with a log in Fix-it (first) Friday.

I’ll add my experience with the same use case. My wife and I both have iPhones (13 and 11). I’m the Wyze account owner and shared the lock with her. The Auto-Lock and Un-Lock works great for us. Not much help for you other than it is possible for it to work as you desire.

Thanks for sharing your experience. One Wyze support wizard said that it should work. Another said it wouldn’t, only one phone could be used for Auto-Unlock. So, the Wyze experts don’t agree. I have gotten it to work for a few days, in fact, and then it doesn’t. Still contemplating what could be breaking things periodically. Thanks again for sharing.