Wyze Lock Gateway setup not connecting to WiFi

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Can you increase my trust level as well? Seems I’m in the same boat as everyone else. Thanks

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As requested, your trust level has been adjusted to TL1.

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Has anyone been able to figure out a solution? I had trouble with my first gateway and was sent a new one under warranty and now the née one won’t connect either? Please help!! I’ve tried everything!!

I’ve sent 3 messages to WyzeJonathon in the last two weeks with no response. Is he still a part of your team or do I need to message someone else?

Hi !
Cannot connect gateway !! Tried everything !!!

Here is my number :


Please help!!

In the same boat as everyone else. Requesting a trust level increase so I can PM.

For future reference, I was eventually able to realize that the root cause of my issue was that the second hand lock I had purchased was still added to the previous owner’s account. The iOS app showed an appropriate error message: “Device already paired to another account”, while the Android app I had been using only showed an immediate “Connection failed”, and an hour on the phone with customer support only resulted in them telling me that my network was the problem. This is a bug in the Android app – hopefully this will help someone else!

So after a couple of hours on my own and an hour or so on the phone it was decided that my locks gateway seems to be having an issue now after having worked for well over a year. The problem is Wyze will not replace it under as it is out of warranty and there appears to be no way to purchase a replacement gateway for the lock. Not having the ability to connect the lock to the web sort of defeats the purpose of owning it……

Any suggestions?

My gateway died 3 months in so it was covered but only AFTER I jumped through all their hoops of checking everything else under the sun. Later I had a Wyze bulb die just after warranty ended, so gave them hell about 2 products crapping out way to soon and said I was thinking about going elsewhere for more reliable smart devices. They finally just sent me a new bulb. I’ve seen several posts on here about faulty gateways, so suggest you push the issue with them regardless of the warranty status. I believe they have a quality issue with that gateway.

Thanks for the reply. They did finally agree to send me a replacement, outside of warranty and for that I’m grateful. I understand that modern micro-electronics don’t last as long as something like the old transistor radio did, but when it appears that there is a consistent issue with a particular product after release a company might want to simply do right by their customers and come up with a replacement plan. My other larger concern is that it seems that you can’t purchase the gateway as a stand alone item. What if my dog were to eat it? It seems that you would never be able to replace it. Not good.