Wyze Lock Firmware Released - 4/20/20

I don’t see the lock or the lock gateway in my beta app for up, grading the firmware.

The devices I can see otherwise if working, but under the Firmware Upgrade it doesn’t show either one.

I have the Beta app v2.10.32 and so far I have not seen anymore updates to the beta app.

Thank you


The lock firmware is a gradual roll-out, it will prompt you when the update is available for you

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What is interesting, it doesn’t even show up on the Update Firmware screen anymore, even if there was no update yet, it use to show up there and it would notify me when there was an update. All that is there is my plugs and my cameras, not the lock and its
gateway. At least in the beta app that is.

My lock or gateway has ever showed up as being able to have firmware upgraded. I am waiting patiently for it to magically appear in the next few days. Seems weird but they say be patient and it will happen.

I had a terrible experience a few days ago, my neighbor brought over a gift basket, because of Covid 19 and quarantine and being a military community, I open the door and out flys my pitbull into the streets. Omg I naturally grabbed the leash and closed the door, no phone or keys on hand. Finally caught him with the help of other dog walkers. I reach the front of the house and my heart sank, my son took the car, no one home and I am outside barefooted. But wait i have my new Wyze band. So because I like to prepare for any contingency I had setup a 4 digit pin with alexa before the wyze band ever was delivered or even existed, so I talked to alexa through the Wyze band and it took 3 trys to get the right words out and bam the door unlocked. That same day I saw the wyze combo lock and said, some day I won’t have the wyze band on. So now I am waiting for the combo lock to come in.

What an experience?! Happy you had your band on and code set up. How about getting the Wyze Keypad @$19.99 for now before the combo get look at by Wyze?

I did after that experience I remember that the keypad was rolling out this past month, So I ordered it immediately, I am uneasy with having a keypad near the door lol, Throw it under a rock or something. My mailbox is by the door so I could just put it in the mail box and stick it. Just a few ideas to make it difficult for people with binoculars in my community to look at…

The lock will not show in the update firmware screen due to the fact it is a bluetooth connected device and the cannot be batch updated.

Has anyone received the firmware update? If so, how did it go? Do you notice any improvements? I know it wont show in the general firmware update area but I dont even see a place in the app to check for updates. The band connects via bluetooth and you can click on its firmware version to check for updates so I figured it would be the same for the lock.

I don’t how this update works. Current lock firmware version is and I have Trash Mode as an option in the Auto-lock setting. Can you check if you see it there?

I can’t find anyone who has gotten the Wyze lock firmware yet. I haven’t. I have had 2 wyze app updates, but nothing different for the locks. I want to get some type of time frame, not it is a gradual rollout.

I have the same firmware number 2. 1.13.0 and have the trash mode which I use, very handy to run out for a few and not have the door auto lock. No upgrade yet they did say slow rollout so it may be like the bands shipping one persons order a week one firmware upgrade a week.

I received the latest firmware update the same day it was announced

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@Ken.S So where does the update show up when you got yours? Just in the app someplace, Firmware Update or elsewhere?

I keep opening mine while at home hopeful to seeing the update, but so far, nothing. I know they said gradual roll-out. :slight_smile:

Thank you

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I don’t believe you’ll see it in account/firmware upgrade since you have to connect to the lock via BT. I think I just clicked on my lock and the firmware update notice popped up. I was at work at the time so I had to wait until I got home to update.

I downloaded the Wyze beta app update yesterday. The first thing I did was open the lock…nothing. Then I opened the scale and there was a firmware update for the scale. The lock is still

I am curious as well for lock firmware updates. I think I’ve only seen maybe 1 firmware update on my lock. At the moment, it shows FW version Background- i am using the Wyze beta app (iOS) so not sure beta users are on the same upgrade path.

As for manual updating for the lock, either I can’t find it or its not intuitive as I’ve looked in the other areas that we update the other Wyze devices but no lock is listed.

A little light or help to find this if it’s indeed there… Thanks!

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I am still on firmware version and have calibration drift issues and no trash mode support. It’s been 9 days since you announced a 1 week rollout. When can we expect to see this?


It was not really a firm one week roll out. I think they are hoping to have it done by the end of this week though, but that is my guess and not an official WYZE statement.

@robvelez The firmware is not listed in the area with the other devices due to the mode of updating being via BLE which cannot be updated in bulk with the other devices.

I haven’t seen it yet, either.