Wyze Lock Calibration Reset?

Which app version are you using? Is it iOS or Android?

When you go into the lock settings page, “auto-lock, alarm settings and volume” will be greyed out, this means bluetooth is not connected. Once the settings are enabled, it means your bluetooth is connected.

Once bluetooth is connected, you can calibrate the door.

By the way, we are working a test Wyze Lock firmware that will try to resolve some user’s constant recalibration issue. I will reach out when I have more information.

Had to rest the lock, bridge, reboot the phone to get it working

I’ve had that issue happen a few times as well. But not every time.

EDIT - turned out to be bad hardware - replacement ordered.

I am also having the calibration issue - I cannot get it to successfully calibrate now after a battery change. The lock motor is also giving resistance…

For my steps:

  1. Add gateway, pair
  2. Put batteries in - motor moves lock to fully open on startup
  3. Start adding lock - first step says closed in locked position - there is motor resistance as I engage the lock but I can move it
  4. Prompts to unlock and open…I make it so
  5. Prompts to leave unlocked and ajar…This is the way
  6. Close the door and lock it…

After step 6 I see the unit cycle locks sometimes 3 to 4 times and the screen is just stuck on “Loading” - it never finishes…

So frustrating - @WyzeJonathan do you have any thoughts? I have tried different locks in the house and this was working until my battery change…