Wyze Lock Calibration Reset?

Thanks @WyzeJonathan for the update.

If it turns out to be that slamming of a door can cause these issues, that basically completely renders this lock useless for anybody with children…

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I also have a Nest x Yale smart lock, it’s on my front door. It also has the auto lock function, but doesn’t require any sort of calibration to determine the open/close status or position of the door and has accurately auto-locked every single time since I installed it almost 2 years ago.

Do you know what Nest/Yale is using to determine the door position in their lock, @WyzeJonathan? I would assume R&D probably tore apart most smart locks in the marketplace to settle on a set of features and designs.

Truely, door slamming shouldn’t be an issue

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Wifi 6 / 6e routers will have backward compatibility for 2.4 and 5Ghz devices. Wyze devices won’t need to use the 6Ghz band on 6e routers; they will continue to connect at 2.4Ghz, just like always. In fact Wifi 6 / 6e routers should provide a much more reliable / stable experience for all IoT devices (including Wyze devices), due to the increased throughput and traffic handling.

yes, that’s my understanding as well
I am on the fence here, the existing setup is not broken ( DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem + Wifi Router) but i see performance issue as I have 1GB Xfinity plan, i don’t see connectivity above 200mbps on devices and using the latest device on hand (ipad 9.7 latest) I see 600mbps placing it next to the wifi router. So wondering if having another standalone device for wifi router functionality will make the setup future-proof for more smart home devices, more hand held devices, (two kids not yet have their own phones/tablets) and if investing in a Wifi 6/6e is worth it when some of the devices are “hard-coded” to limit client devices connections even if its a MESH


So wondering if there’s a Wyze approved router list that we can come up with
@WyzeJonathan Do you guys have an internal list of compatible wifi routes, ones that have no limitation with clients (so you guys can sell more devices to us)


Wifi 6 routers can handle four times as many devices at speeds up to 40-percent faster than 802.11ac. https://www.techspot.com/news/83483-wi-fi-alliance-introduces-new-wi-fi-6e.html

That netgear link you shared is from 2016 (re: 802.11 ac routers).

What I like about the new wi-Fi6 is it they actually put some effort into improving 2.4 GHz. Instead of just leaving it as it is or possibly downgrading it they know so many people have devices that are only 2.4 GHz that they put time and effort into improving it. I think that will be a huge plus.

yes, i understand that AX’s goal is to get to 4x more devices per channel (from 4 devices to 8) and 40% faster than AC, but keep in mind that those benefits are for AX clients. If you look closely to the tech spec and marketing materials, some will mention the benefit of AX is for AX clients only.

There isn’t a whole lot of choices at this point for AX routers as it’s just came out of Draft stage.

The backward compatibility of Wifi 6 just means AC (Wifi 5) or AN (Wifi 4) clients can connect to the builtin 2.4/5 ghz band but not able to utilize the AX 6ghz band. Similar to when we upgrade from Wifi 3 -> Wifi 4

So in my understanding:
4 lane highway becomes 8 lanes, and the extra 4 lanes speed limit has bumped from 70mph to 140mph
The little cars (wifi clients) have limitations (AC) for gas cars and (AX) for electric cars
all existing gas cars runs on AC will not be able to take advantages of AX lane because they are not equipped to change lane (zero emission as an example) so all the AX cars can leverage all 8 lanes but AC cars can’t, they are stuck in the old 4 lanes but once AX stay in the newer lanes, existing 4 lanes becomes less congested.

So question for Wyze people, what have you guys done internally to test this? Will there be a AX version of smart home devices coming out? What AX modem have no limitation on AC clients?



It’s happening again @WyzeJonathan

TicketID: 3920

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I had the craziest thing happen to mine the other day. It was saying the door was open when it was closed (again), but randomly and miraculously the lock somehow corrected itself about 12 hours later and the calibration has held ever since.

My 3rd lock has been holding up, hopefully they can get yours figured out.

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with the latest app update, so far so good

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I sent mine back for a refund and ordered and installed an August. The constant calibration issues and random door ajar alarms were enough to drive me nuts. A smart device shouldn’t require constant correction.

i just ordered the keypad, thinking if it combo is good enough, i will forgive the mis-calibration…
else will just return it…

So far the recalibration and the keypad is working without issue… Let’s see how it goes for a week

How do we see the battery level of the keypad??

Keypad settings


Hello @viscount,

How has your Wyze Lock Calibration been?

speak of the devil, just had to re-calibrate today.
I did a recent calibration last week after changing the battery.

  • When did you notice your Wyze Lock reported the wrong door state?
  • Was there any activity with the Wyze Lock today?
  • Calibration after battery change is required, how many other irregular calibration did you do recently?

So the Wyze Lock held up calibration for only a week?

Posted this on another lock issue area…I need to chime in. I have had this issue from the start. I got my lock in Dec. I have to calibrate it often. It’s so scary that my wife believes it’s working n leaves but lock not locked as door says open but its closed.i even last week got finally a replacement lock n it did it out of the box. All updates, all required install, all things correct but still happening. When I called back in jan they said on phone they were aware of issue n working on fix. Well its 6mo later still an issue. When I started calling or doing support again as phone does not work I had submitted a bunch of door status logs. No one can tell me what problem is n now that its happening to this replacement I am worried that there is something that they r not telling me. I have been a big backer of wyze but this is a serious problem n needs to be fixed as it’s a safety issue. I had been dealing w Marczeus at wyze but have not heard back in a week on this new lock having same issue. Someone fix this it’s a serious safety issue.

So after a week of silence/peace
One of the lock kept saying I need to recalibrate but insisted I need to be near the lock… I am literally next to it and it won’t react.
@WyzeJonathan any idea?

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