Wyze Lock Calibration Reset?

Additionally, I’m going on 24 hours straight of my lock thinking the door is open after it sounded the alarm yesterday at roughly 1pm EST. @WyzeJonathan got anything for us in regards to this?

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Hello @viscount,

This issue will be fixed by our back-end engineer. You do not need to do app/firmware update.



As I search this forum, there’s this thread that provided some insight

And for Netgear, there seems to be a hard limit of clients per channel

and since my existing setup is router/wifi combo, I think the 40+ devices connected are are constantly pressure testing it. I am on 1GB Comcast plan, constantly breaking 1TB monthly cap especially during the holidays and my average speed test with my Pixel 2 phone is at 100Mbps.

So in looking at the possible upgrade would Wifi 6 standard be a deal breaker with all these Smart Devices? @WyzeJonathan would love to get an opinion from Wyze as more and more smart devices we buy, all of us will need to search for a durable wifi router or we will constantly get that network unstable and complaint about the smart devices first.



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For what it’s worth, I was an early adopter of the Google Mesh WiFi system when they first came on the market and have been extremely pleased with all of the features and signal strength it provides. I’ve got a hub, and two pucks, with both pucks being attached to an ethernet line coming from the modem to further strengthen the WiFi signal and reliability.

There are a couple of downsides:

  1. The hub and each puck only has one Ethernet port to plug a device into, but that can be easily overcome by adding a network switch.
  2. Many of the more granular settings and options available on other routers cannot be changed or switched on this setup-forcing a specific WiFi channel or frequency, etc.
  3. If you consider yourself a power user for your WiFi router, then this system will probably lack the customization you’re looking for in a router or mesh system.

Edited to add that all of my Wyze products-2x V2 Cams, 2x Pan Cams, 2x Contact Sensor, 4x Bulbs, 4x Plugs, 1x Motion Sensor, 1x Lock function flawlessly as far as the WiFi and connectivity is concerned.

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Hello @viscount

im late to the party but I can answer your question about wifi 6.

I recently upgraded my router to what I thought what is a wifi 6 router and Ive noticed it handling everything fine and I actually think my setup ( wyze included) is running much smoother. I upgraded to a midline router because it was cheap and I plan on doing a much better upgrade in the next year or so. here is what I got wifi 6 router

now please keep reading. I got this unit mainly because my old router was severely outdated and it seemed I would be on the threshold of wifi 6…but thats only partly true.

so yes this router is wifi 6 but be aware that there are going to be 2 iterations if you will of wifi 6. this one and wifi 6e

the currently available wifi 6 routers take advantage of being able to process incoming and outgoing signals simultaneously much better and have some additional security protocols along with beam forming and signal pausing thus better product battery life BUT they do not operate on the 6mhz band. with wifi 6e you will actually be using the 6mhz band. now. considering that all wyze products operate on the 2.4mhz band and will not work on the 5ghz band, i think it is safe to say that currently they will NOT work on the 6mhz band ( the one not in use just yet) but this is only my speculation. so you can use a wifi 6 router, but for now im going to guess what when the first wifi 6e router is released wyze products will not work with them.

so do some research on wifi 6 vs wifi 6e and make sure you know what the differences are before you go to upgrade when it comes out.

here is a short article to get you started. hope it helps.

wifi 6 vs wifi 6e


Just an update regarding my replacement lock:

It worked fine for a few days but now the calibration only holds for less than 18 hours sometimes. I woke up to an open door alert this morning even though the thing was closed and locked. I am beyond frustrated at this point. I’ve tried all different calibration combinations to try and get it to perform as advertised, yet nothing causes it to hold calibration permanently. I have again removed my batteries from the lock and now just have a bigger bulkier version of a traditional deadbolt…why?

@WyzeJonathan or @WyzeGwendolyn how is the door open/closed position detected? With how riddled with defects and software issues this lock is, how in the world was this ever approved to ship? Simple functionality that the lock should have doesn’t even function properly. Throw that in with the absolute mess that creating rules via the Wyze app is, I don’t know how this lock could ever be released to the general public in the current state. Why does it feel like Wyze used Early Access customers as Alpha or Beta level customers in this case? But instead of getting a demo product, we paid full retail, told we are getting a fully functional item, get practically zero tech support besides replacing the lock, and zero updates as to resolving the continuing issues that have plagued this item since it first ship over a month ago? Be better.

Also, logs were submitted for both occurrences, 3301 and 3318.


I am experience the same issues that @wolfcorner is. This is frustrating. I don’t know what detects the door close/open but is there opportunity to set a different threshold that might prevent erroneous reports of door being open when it is actually closed? I am thankful that I can still remotely lock/unlock the “open” device but it fails to auto-lock.


Heck, I’d even settle for a method of disabling the open/close sensor. It absolutely does not work, and since the auto-unlock and auto-lock rely on it, it basically nullifies the entire “smart” part of the lock.

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I’ve asked multiple times in the threads about what type of sensor is used for door position and even tagged @WyzeJonathan but never got an answer other than a guess from other members. Personally, I haven’t had a single calibration issue at all from the the day it was installed, but being interested in tech, I’m curious. Not to mention, knowing how it works is key to troubleshooting for those that do have a problem.
All that said… I think there was at least 2000 locks sold in that first few hours of early release and I would bet a good percentage of those are community forum members. With that in mind, although there have been problems with calibration and other things, I don’t think I’ve seen enough different people post that it doesn’t work for it to be a large percentage.
Don’t get me wrong, even 5% is too high for a retail product, but it would take 100 failures to make 5% bad, 95% good.

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I know I’ve seen several replaced due to the issue, and another several that verbally stated they would be sending it back. Hard to tell total population affected because there is no requisite to be in the forums to have gotten access to the EA buying period. I’d guess many probably just contacted support straight away if they had a problem, like a reasonable person, instead of banging their head into the wall over and over again.

My issue is that this is the second one now that’s having this issue. It’s like clockwork, I have to recalibrate the now, dumb lock, every day. Additionally, my rule created with my lock (see post history) still doesn’t run only during the specified time period, it does it all day long. The lock also doesn’t follow my notification rules, it’s like it has placed itself outside of the rules of the Wyze eco system.


I’ll see if I can get Jonathan to pop in here. :slight_smile:


Thank you, Gwendolyn. If Jonathan can help us better understand the equipment then maybe there is something that we can do with our particular installations to prevent this decalibration.

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I cannot comment on the calibration issue but I can tell you that Jonathan can give you a lot of information about the lock. I had an auto Unlock situation and he was very diligent about figuring out what the issue was and we believe we have it figured out. So I’m sure he’ll be able to weigh in and give some guidance that will get this solved for you. It may take some time. My issue took several weeks but we did get it solved. Good luck. You’re in good hands with @WyzeJonathan.


What is the current theory on the source of your random auto unlock issues? I need closure lol.

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It’s my iPad somehow. If I don’t have the lock on it everything is fine. But as soon as the iPad is added to the mix i get Auto Unlock’s about 5-10x a day. He said they are looking at the logic and geofencing issues. iPad now has its own OS. iPadOS. I think that may have something to do with it. Because I’ve had my iPhone 8+ with the lock on it only and zero unauthorized Auto Unlock’s. But it’s worked every time I’ve come home to unlock the door. So I just turned location services off and Bluetooth off on my iPad app. So far so good.

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Oh Interesting. I didn’t put the wyze app on any tablets but I’ll be sure to be mindful to keep an eye out for new issues if I ever do.

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Please do. I’d be interested if you have the same issue. Mine is iPad Air 3rd gen

I only have android tablets but I can try later to see if my lock goes rogue after I install Wyze and turn on Bluetooth and location. I don’t think I would encounter this situation unless purposely testing. Bluetooth and location are pretty much always off on those devices.

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1* Pixel 2
1* iPhone 8Plus
1* iPad 9.7 latest version
1* LG pad
Since lock swap out, only the open/close issue that occurred last weekend and after what @WyzeJonathan mentioned that their SDE fixed it in the backend, all goes well for now (knock on wood*3)

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That’s great news. You were having a lot of issues with that weren’t you? Awesome it’s fixed. @WyzeJonathan is very good