Wyze Lock Calibration Reset?

Just got home from running some errands and after letting my dogs out, the Door Lock started beeping at me after the door was closed because it thought it was open.

Upon opening the app it told me that the lock had never been calibrated and needed to be calibrated-despite doing it upon installation of the lock a few days ago. Has anyone else experienced this since installing? I have not had any issues with it detecting an incorrect position since installing, until now.

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Not so far,. Hopefully it’s a one-off problem. If not, User Support needs to be called.

I have had to calibration again, the next day after installation - none since then.

Mine made me recalibrate as well, but I thought that was tied to the door jam being too tight and it not being able to lock itself. After widening the door jam and recalibrating, I haven’t seen it again.

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I haven’t had to do it again since I posted this, just hoping it doesn’t come back because they will get obnoxious having to recalibrate every 2-3 days!

I had to run through the process again today. But, I think that’s because I brought the app up on an old phone I am using to test a battery drain issue.

I spoke too soon.

I have the alarm turned on if the door is open for more than a minute and it just went off even though the door was shut. To get it to register the proper position I had to calibrate the lock again-3rd time in 4 days I think?

I’m submitting a support ticket.

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I posted about this too. I had to re calibrate 2x since installing. It’s working rn but the fact that it’s inconsistent makes less confident it’s always locked

Like clockwork, after 48 hours my lock started beeping telling me the door was left open. It’s currently telling me the door is locked but open, which you can see in the attached images is not the case. Currently waiting on resolution from support concerning a refund or replacement lock.

I will say that the Nest x Yale lock I have on our front door was considerably more expensive than this, I haven’t had to do a single thing to keep it working properly since originally setting it up. And it has worked flawlessly since I completed set up. There’s something to be said for that.

Hello @wolfcorner,

Thank you for reporting the calibration issue. When your lock loses calibration, can you help us by submitting a log?

To submit a log, please do the following:

Go to your Wyze Lock’s Settings page > Device Info > Submit a Log > Calibration. For Detail, please type a brief description of your calibration issue. Make sure the send log files is enabled then hit submit. Once submitted, there will be a 4 digit code. Please direct message the code in this forum and let me know the calibration issue you are experiencing. I will investigate the issue and follow up with you once there is an update.

Thank you.

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@WyzeJonathan, not to be snarky, but I’ve already submitted all that info to support, I’ll message you the ticket number and log info if I can find the corresponding 4-digit number you’re referencing.

I understand so thank you doing so!

Hi @WyzeJonathan

Similar issue

Ticket ID 2794


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Thank you, @viscount

I just had my door unlock on its own for no apparent reason. I believe the ticket number was 2878. But I might’ve forgotten. Sorry

I just had my door auto lock and my wife is on the couch doing homework and I am in bed with a migraine. So neither one of us did it.

Ticket ID: 2883

That’s really weird. I don’t have auto lock enabled, but I haven’t has any rogue unlocks or locks. I’m sure the answer will be found and hopefully very soon, but it’s certainly strange. I’m surprised they haven’t found a clue yet in the log files that folks have sent in. Wyze employees have been pretty quite in these lock threads, at least until a couple days ago when the one guy started posting, but only to ask for log files and tickets, no answers yet

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Well it just happened again. It auto unlocked on its own. My wife is sitting on the couch doing homework and has auto unlock off on her phone. I was in bed with a migraine so I was not moving or handling my phone at all. And the settings were grayed out so I wasn’t even in Bluetooth range.

I walked to the front door to get in Bluetooth range and I now have auto lock and auto unlock both off.

Ticket ID: 2886

This is my third time this evening and night! We are both in bed and were just about asleep when it auto unlocked. Auto unlock is shut off on both phones I’m going to disable it at this point so that it doesn’t auto unlock in the middle of the night.

Ticket ID: 2891

@WyzeJonathan I have submitted a support ticket 450380. This is getting ridiculous. I cannot count on this lock if I was gone to stay locked. Yes I would get an alert that it unlocked and I could lock it again but at this point I can’t count on it staying in its desired state. It just does whatever it wants.