Wyze Lock Bolt - First Impression

The problem with no sensor goes beyond the lack of notifications. Unlike the Wyze Lock, this door doesn’t know when it’s been left open (intentionally or otherwise) and will-if configured to auto-lock-extend the deadbolt even if the door is ajar. This leads to mangled door frames! I wish they could have just done an external keypad version of the Wyze Lock because the outside part of the Bolt is AWESOME :wink:

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Yes, I have had this extend the bolt on me while the door is open a few times :slight_smile: I agree that is not ideal. I also agree with the suggestion to basically copy all the benefits of the inside part from the original lock, and the keypad part of this lock bolt and it would be really ideal.

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I just installed the bolt… looks nice, feels solid. I echo what the others have said - being able to connect it to my home network so I can manage/monitor it remotely would be a big plus. I installed this lock to replace a (working) electronic deadbolt by Sunnect. That company is no longer in business and I assumed my unit will fail at some point - it’s 9 years old - and decided to try the Wyze option. Although my previous lock was a ‘dumb bolt’ it did have one feature that was appreciated. The strike-plate had a small magnet encased in it. If the door was open (i.e., getting fresh air), the bolt would detect that the magnet wasn’t nearby and would NOT auto-lock. That kept my door frame in good shape over the life of the lock. I could walk back into my home and mindlessly pull the door closed as I walked by without having to stop, think about it, inspect whether the bolt was extended, manually unlock it so it would clear the door frame, etc. In summary - incorporate the option to add a bluetooth/wifi gateway and add the ability to disable auto-lock if the door is open.

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Thanks for the tip about using a phone as a power source. That beats having to stash a power bank somewhere outside your home.

Is that just a regular Lightning to USB-C cord/adapter? I can tape one of those to the inside of my mailbox :slight_smile:

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It is.

As mentioned. When I tested, have the cable plugged into the phone first, then plug into the Wyze Lock Bolt. Should you ever need to use this method.

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@wabbit9290 I agree with RoboNaught response to you - since price is a concern for you, you’re ignoring a major reason why this cheaper than the original Wyze lock-- the mechanism of tumblers to accept a key, and work only with the correct key, and also be resistant to bumping/picking is very complicated. This certainly isn’t perfect, but the Kwikset one you showed starts at about $200, Kwikset’s very cheapest similar lock (which needs a Z-wave controller) starts at $149. So for those who have a second entrance as backup (my use case), this is an excellent option and price.

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Well then why don’t they just build it similar to the Wyze lock where you don’t need a key but use the original key and outdoor lock setup, just have the keypad separate? and why is the Original Wyze lock so much more expensive than this and then have to spend even more for the keypad?

I’ve had my lock for a few weeks now and am pretty happy with it. I have a few questions/suggestions:

  1. I wish the keypad was alphanumeric. It’s easier for my kids to remember a word than a number.

  2. It’s a bit annoying that once I set a passcode in the app, I can’t access it again. Obviously, the fingerprint reader is supposed to be the primary method of entry…but that means it could be months before someone needs to put in their code. This means there’s a high chance of forgetting it, and I have no way of accessing it in the app. So I’ve created a separate note on my phone that contains the codes (password protected).

I think a compromise would be password protecting the Wyze app, or even just the Bolt lock section—and then letting me see the codes.

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My lock has revered back to not allowing any users to be added. Lets you Add, create name, Then… as soon as you try to set a code, it just times out saying Bluetooth disconnect. Does this no matter what. Also, 50% of the time when this happens, the only way to get bluetooth back is to restart the app and pull a battery out of the lock and reinstall it. Very annoying I have to say!! If I can’t add users… why have it? It then becomes the same as everyone having the same key.

This does not work with the iPhone 12 Mini, alas. Maybe my Lightning to USB C cable doesn’t support bi-directional charging?

I don’t have a USB micro B to C cable, so I haven’t tried it with my Motorola yet.

Works fine with a power bank using a USB A adapter on a C cable.

I love the lock but have 2 issues with it,

  1. I wish it could recognize when the door is open so it doesn’t lock while door is open.
  2. I wish they had like 2/3 minute autolock option as 1 is a bit too short and 5 is too long.
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I just set up my WLB two days ago and I think I have discovered a MAJOR flaw in the auto-lock system. Can someone else confirm?

The option to ‘Disable auto-lock’ during certain hours to me means that WHILE it is enabled your door should never be unlocked for longer than the time duration you pick. However, if the door is UNLOCKED when the ‘disable’ time ends, the door does not lock. It just sits there happily unlocked until someone locks and unlocks it again, and then when the time passes it auto-locks.

Basically it’s functioning as “auto-re-lock” instead of “auto lock” if you use the ‘disable during certain hours’ option - the two are not the same.

This is a major flaw, and an easily fixed one.

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