Wyze Lock Bolt constant dropouts

Have set up my lockbot several times. It will let me setup myself but times out saying bluetooth disconnect if I try to add other users. The ONLY way around this is to totally delete the device and Re-Install. Eventually I’ll get one that lets me add some others. But if a day or two go by, Back to not being able to add others, add additional fingerprints to myself, calibrate, etc. The lock will lock and unlock but you can’t do ANYTHING else unless you totally delete it and re-install/setup. It just keeps timing out saying bluetooth disconect yet I can still lock and unlock the lock from the app. This constant communication failure is a pain. It is obviously software related because it is NOT loosing bluetooth. I am running currant version of both the app and the lockbolt firmware. Is anyone else having this issue?

I’m having the same issues. I just installed the Wyze Lock Bolt, and the bluetooth connection is so flaky it’s essentially unusable. I’m really frustrated and disappointed in this product.