Wyze Lock battery life horrendous

As I have said before, I had really bad battery drain when I had the door sensor ( open/close) on. without that one, I am now at about 8% per month drain. I use auto unlock, but not auto lock . I don’t want auto lock, so I am not sure how that would affect it.

I was going through batteries every two months until I changed and turned off the door open and close alerts and Auto lock and unlock. Now I’ve only dropped 7% in 2 months. The keypad I have is over 7 months and I’ve only dropped to 93%

Bad battery life is good business for Amazon

That’s funny, just yesterday I had a notification on my Echo and when I asked Alexa what my notification was, she said my Wyze lock may be due for AA batteries and asked if I wanted to order more.

Yes, everyone other than Wyze knows my batteries run out fast. Wyze is busy launching new products.

Ever since I turned off auto unlock and open and close notifications my battery life is awesome.

good for you!

I just use it like a manual lock. Written off as a bad purchase :frowning:

I installed a new lock 10 hours ago and used the batteries that came with it. I already have a low battery alert. Why?

Bad luck is all I can say.
Deal with their support and after some trivial troubleshooting, they will send you a replacement. Repeat the process until you find the one that has better battery life.
Unfortunately there’s no way to find out the cause and therefore the cure. Very typical Wyze …

I’m still sporting stock batteries from a October install with 29% battery left.

Just replaced lock batteries. Last replacement was 3-7-2020. I do not use auto lock/unlock.

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