Wyze Lock battery life horrendous

Maybe it’s your batteries. I use RAYOVAC high energy alkaline.

I use Energizer Ultimate Lithium and they have lasted quite awhile. I was surprised when the first set died, though, because of the power curve of lithium batteries. My question is, "Is there an easy way to scroll back to the beginning of the log so I can see when I started using the lock? " It has been long enough that I can’t remember. I have auto-lock and auto-unlock turned off and my lock is unlocked most of the day.

I did find a picture of the lock installed from 1 April 2020, so it looks like my batteries lasted about 7 months.

My lock has been online for 3 weeks as of today. Battery is at 92%

I am on my second set of batteries. The first original batteries lasted 2 months. The second set were down to 15% after almost 2 months. Then I turned off auto unlock and open and close notification and the batteries only dropped 2% in a month. So the batteries are now at 13%. We are home most of the time and the door gets opened and closed a lot but not locked until at night. The keypad is at 94% and it’s been with the same set of batteries for 5 months.

When should we expect the fix?

I just started experiencing this the past week and I already drained 3 sets of new batteries.

Each time I found my front door left unlocked when I found the battery drain, even though I’m pretty certain it was left in a locked state. I do have the auto lock on.

My in box batteries lasted 20 days in Auto-Lock mode, Auto-Unlock Off.

Changed to Rayovac Alkaline and they died in <24 hours. Turned off Auto-Lock and Auto-Unlock, next set also died in <24 hours.

Starting to think I have a defective unit

Is Lock Firmware the most recent? When I go to upgrade Firmware, I get a blank screen.

@minerhawks, yes. Lock firmware is the most recent firmware (as of 11/9/2020)

there is definitely something wrong with this lock of mine. replaced the battery in the morning, tested the batteries are full with a multimeter, and wyze said it was 98% at the beginning, 8hrs later it got only 48% left, and overnight it drained to 6%. The door has been locked the entire time.

Ya, I think you probably have a defective lock. I would recommend looking at the information in the link below and contacting the awesome Wyze support team using the link below if needed. I hope you figure it out!

8 days and waiting for a response to my email. These things are cheap for a reason :sweat:

Sorry to hear @ashish, if you want to, you can always call there aswome support team. I will leave their contact info below.


Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT

Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

Yes the support team has been great, they helped me yesterday about my battery drain issue.

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What was it that they told you to do? I’ve been experiencing battery drain too. I just replaced the batteries last week and they’re already at 48% today.

My case was way more extreme, I had to replace a new set of batteries every other day. It happen after the last firmware update. Support replace my lock since there is no way to revert the firmware on locks

I think that’s most common result of their troubleshooting. They just keep replacing a unit if some basic steps don’t rectify the issue. One has to go through the frustration of getting the product, struggling to make it work, troubleshooting and then replacements

Slightly over a month at 81% battery and Auto Lock & Unlock turned OFF

Any update on this? I’ve had my lock for just over a month and my battery is at 30%. I do not think that turning off auto lock/unlock is acceptable as then, well, what’s the point of having it in the first place?

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I have given up. Wyze is just busy with new launches with no time for anything else. Whatever you save by buying cheap products, you waste more going through the hassles in maintaining them.

I have an early release unit and had issues at first. The batteries it came with lasted about 1.5 months. Back in May I switched them out to Energizer Max batteries and I just had to replace them with 15% power still left. The only reason I replaced them at 15% is because each time they got really low the lock would stop auto-locking. My lock is on my front door and I have everything on except for auto-unlock since we never enter from the front door when we arrive home. We do use the door 4-8 times per day so I am surprised the batteries lasted around 7 months.