Wyze Lock battery life horrendous

well, it’s not lies…I am getting great battery life, I haven’t tracked how long the batteries are lasting but it’s at least several months. I’m using auto-lock too, the door gets used alot, along with trash mode.

sounds like your lock may have a issue, have u tried contacting support before just trashing the company?

Well, there is logical reason to talk negatively about the company. This topic and many other topics are created about the same issue in wyze forum. As solution it is suggested to disable features, so no - thank you. Good for you that you are not experiencing any issues, but you can yourself see that many people do/did.

I’m sure the majority of lock users are not having your issue, so why not contact support? bashing them on the forum will accomplish nothing.

Auto lock is one of the main reasons you’re getting decent battery life. Wyze Johnathan has stated numerous times that leaving the door unlocked all day eats batteries, but keeping it locked unless you’re going through it extends battery life.
To me, that’s a bad bug, many of us that live in more rural areas don’t want to keep the door locked all day when we’re home, especially since Auto Unlock doesn’t work unless you leave the geofence area. I know I don’t want to have to unlock the door all day as I’m in and out around my yard.

I wish Wyze had been more upfront in mentioning this. I would have not bought the lock knowing this issue.

In this case, they may not have realized that particular problem until the lock was out in the wild. In my use case, I’m in and out of my house all day every day, especially during nice weather. It would make no sense to keep my door locked and have to use the keypad or app all day to get back inside. Our door get’s locked at the end of the day when we’re in for the night or when we leave to go somewhere. Wyze Johnathan did also say they are planning on addressing the battery drain while unlocked with firmware updates, but I haven’t heard any updates on it.

Thanks. Let’s hope they do.
@WyzeJonathan any update regarding this?

I may be wrong, but this is my theory for battery usage / drain. Any time the door position sensor is ‘reporting’ , it must constantly send data, essentially broadcasting that the door is in a certain position. This is what drains the battery I think. It has to do this to know when to auto lock the door. So for auto lock to work, door sensor data must be flowing. If the autolock feature is turned off, this does not totally stop this sensor, so a person must disable the ‘notifications’ about the door being opened and closed. I think at this point the lock is only reporting data when locks and unlocks happen. That is my theory.

yes, I am well aware, as I have post numerous times in this thread about having bad battery life when leaving the door unlocked. The user I was responding to, also had auto-lock enabled, so if his setup is similar to mine, I’m not sure why he would be having bad battery life, as Johnathan has stated that leaving the door unlocked or open will cause battery drain. I know they added a option to disabled the sensor or something to help with that issue (I can’t check now since I’m not home)

Hello @ashish,

How fast is your Wyze Lock draining batteries? How often do you have to replace it?

If you often leave your door open, we added a function to turn off the door sensor so it doesn’t drain the battery life of the Wyze Lock.


What are expected battery life for turning off this sensor notification but having the door left unlocked for the majority of the day? I put this lock into the garage entryway door and frequently use the door but not far enough wherein the Auto Unlock would work effectively.

I have done three replacements in past five months or so. The last battery lasted less than a month.

How do I turn off the door sensor? Does this refer to the notifications in lock settings?

I’m now using the auto lock based on what I read on the forum. But I would like to avoid it if possible. I prefer to leave the door unlocked (closed or open) during daytime.

To turn off door sensor, go to your lock’s settings page and wait until auto-lock settings shows up. Go into Auto-lock and turn off door sensor.


Thanks a lot! I had been searching for this

So now I can leave the door unlocked/open without battery drain?

But now there’s no notifications for when the door is unlocked. I thought that this device was for security purposes. I’d still like to know when it’s unlocked so that I know whether or not there’s an intruder.

There should be a fixed for allowing us to keep it unlocked during the day, then locked at night or when away, while getting notifications for when it’s unlocked without it draining the batteries.

I guess I’ll have to manually set it and recalibrate each time - that’s a hassle.

nope. Just leave the notifications on for unlock and locked… easy and will not effect battery life… unless you unlock / lock many many times a day

Turning off door sensor will only turn off notification and sensor for door position (opened/closed)

It does not affect notification or sensor for lock/unlocked.

I turned off the door sensor as suggested. Battery drain 10% after 15 days of installing new batteries. Looks like something else is causing it.

I turned off open and close and auto unlock and my battery life has not changed in a week. I was getting 2 months of battery life before with everything on. Since I am working from home and all of us are home all day, the door mainly is unlocked except at night time.

I am now at 67%. Turned off open/close, auto unlock.
@WyzeJonathan is there something else I can do to minimize the battery drain?