Wyze Lock battery life horrendous

Same problems here with lock. I hope Wyze is still working on a solution.

I found that either leaving the door closed but unlocked, and leaving the door open caused excessive battery drain. Apparently due to the door position sensor constantly checking the status. Since I did not care very much about the auto-lock function I disabled it and found my battery life improved quite noticeably, though I doubt very much I would have gotten six months out of them. Here in semi rural Florida leaving the door unlocked and much of the year open is a pretty normal way of life. Wyze definitely needs to figure this part out.

I understand all the fixes people have tried, but I just hope wyze is working on a solution to give us some options. I would rather have features that I can disable to get longer battery life, etc. I do not want to use auto lock, and I could live without knowing if the door is open/or closed, as my door will always be closed unless I am actively walking through it.

My biggest frustration has been the auto unlock feature, which has ranged from working perfectly the first two weeks, to not working at all for a while, to working randomly intermittently, to now not working at all again LOL. Hopefully we’ll get the warranty replacement they sent me installed before the week is over.

My batteries are using about 4% per week which means they last about 6 months. I have the latest firmware, don’t use auto lock and unlock, don’t have a keypad, and we hardly open or unlock the front door (once per day). I thought the batteries would last longer.

I would love to get 4% a week. I am hoping to get 60 days, not 6 months

I ended up buying some 1.5v rechargeable batteries on amazon. Going on 2 months now and the battery percentage has only dropped 1%.

If those are LI rechargeables, I would expect them to fall from 99% to perhaps 1 % all the sudden. They hold the 1.5 V constant until they drop to 1.0 quickly. That is why the lock shows 99%. The sensor for the battery usage is based on using alkaline which have a slow voltage loss profile. But I hope I am wrong and yours lasts for a long time

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I switched to lithium batteries (not rechargeable) and use the keypad but not the auto unlock as it has never worked. It now has been 6 months and my current battery level is 96%.

Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries are the way to go. Since May 1, all three of my locks are still at 100 percent. I use Alexa to lock all doors when I leave, the house will automatically lock at night, and auto unlock when I arrive home. In and out all day with no issues.

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Just added to the Wishlist to try and get help with this. Please consider upvoting! Wyze Lock: Choose Battery Type or Override Low Power Mode (For Rechargeable Batteries)

I think I have found something that works for me and makes battery life pretty good.
I turned off the whole door sensor ( open close) thing and my battery loss slowed very significantly. I don’t use auto lock, but I do use auto unlock ( which works about 50% of the time)…Just passing along what helped me.

Similar experience here, as soon as I turned off the auto lock feature my batteries have been lasting at least four months or a little more I think. Auto unlock stopped working months ago, and they sent me out a warranty replacement which I have to get installed hopefully in the next week or so.

yes , but for me, I had the autolock off and it was still really draining batteries. Until I found that you can turn off the door sensor ( which tells you whether the door is open or closed), When I turned that part off, my battery drain went to almost none. ( compared to before)


How can I turn off the door sensor for the Wyze lock? I could not locate the option in the Wyze app.

Go to settings, then notifications, and you will see you can turn on or off notifications for door opened or closed sensing.

So it’s just the notification toggle that will switch off the sensor? I’ve never had it in still the battery drains fast

Why to buy a lock, that cost that much and says that it provides all these fancy issues, if firmware has bugs and drains battery in two days.

I replaced duracel batteries 3 times already. That is under two weeks of time of install. It is non-sense that I have to disable main features to have my battery working long enough what specifications says. They are lying to consumer. Battery life should be showed 3 days, not 6 months or whatever.

I was excited getting this lock, but I am not going to wait for firmware updates (who knows when since this topic was started in March), but I will have to return it and get something else.

WASTE OF MONEY if anyone is reading this as of today. I bought this for auto-lock feature. And if I have to disable it and use as a regular lock - there is better option - buy a regular lock.

Wyze team, you need to stop lying to customers and fix your bugs.

does your door stay open for long periods or unlocked?

I had bad battery life when I had it installed on a door that stays unlocked 99% of the time. I’ve since moved the lock to another door (I needed to wait for the keypad), now battery life is great, everything is working great on my lock.

I had auto-lock feature enabled, so door would be always locked after it closes.
As for keeping doors open - one time door was open for an maybe 45min, other times it just open/close situation.

I am just upset with specifications, they just use marketing lies in order to get more sales. I hope business will slow down for them to release that fixing issues is priority, than releasing new products.

I like everything about Wyze what is in specifications, it is just not true.