Wyze lock batteries

Has anyone had issues with rechargeable batteries showing up in the Wyze lock, as always being low??

I’ve fully charged multiple batteries and I always get a low battery indicator in the Wyze app no matter which batteries I swap out. I didn’t have this issue with one time use batteries.

Many traditional rechargeable batteries actually have a lower rated voltage than their replacement counterparts, often 1.2 V instead of 1.5V. That’s probably why. Some digital cameras and devices have a corresponding setting for battery type…

@Customer is correct. We don’t recommend using rechargeable batteries as they are usually 1.2V. We recommend using 1.5V batteries or else you might see low battery life warning for your Wyze Lock.

Any plans to allow for using rechargeable ones? Maybe through an update or something?

This is not something that can be changed through a firmware update.

If you do look I believe there are a few rechargeable batteries that are 1.5v but I do believe they are more expensive.

Kind of seems like a missed opportunity? The lock could have had a USB rechargeable battery of its own…

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there is still 18% battery, but does not let me calibrate due to low battery…

What a bummer.


Have you by chance tried any of the 1.5v rechargables in a Wyze Lock yet? I’m considering these Tenvolt AA batteries:

But want to know if you or anyone else has tried them.


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I have not tried them, I am still using the 1.5 alkaline batteries and replacing them every so often (need to do that now actually). You will have to let me know if you try them out.