Wyze Lock Auto-Unlock

Yup my S8 was 5, the S20+ looks like 7

I use an iPhone X not sure what it’s limit is. I have a total of 5 BT devices that I use at a time so that’s the most I have tried.

Apple Watch
*HomePod (As a Bluetooth speaker)
*Conambo Over the ear headphones
Square Credit Card Chip Reader
Yale Assure Lock with iM1 Bluetooth module
Wyze Scale

I am never connected to the AirPods and HomePod and Conambo at the same time.

Forgive me if I’m “picking nits”, but I want to make sure I am not misunderstanding what you are saying. You mentioned that the lock keypad uses bluetooth, but that only connects to the lock. It would not use a phone BT connection, right?

I don’t know. Can you add and remove users and or codes to the keypad via your phone? If so I would say it uses Bluetooth, probably what is known as BLE or Bluetooth Low Energy, which does not show up in your phones device list. Like the scale.

I don’t know off the top of my head if BLE connections have the same limits or are a whole different animal as far as connections go.

It does use BT, I believe BLE, there are certain functions that cannot be adjusted in the app unless you are directly connected.

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I do remember seeing something about BLE. So that may be the case. I guess the gateway is only used to connect the lock to the local network and does not interact with the phone at all.

It would be kind of nice to see a diagram from Wyze showing how the lock, gateway and keypad all interact with each other and our phone.

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Well uninstalling Tile completely had no affect. My auto unlock for my 2 wyze locks hasn’t worked for weeks. Kind of annoying.

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Does any body’s auto unlock work? I’ve even gone as far as factory resetting my phone. I’ve got 2 wyze locks that simply will not auto unlock for weeks.

When I got the first lock during early access I never had a problem with auto unlock working. Absolutely no luck with either lock now.

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Mine hasn’t been auto unlocking for a few weeks. I figured it’s some bug from a firmware update or something. I’ve just been using my keypad until they fix it. Well, hopefully they fix it.

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@flyingchipmunk, I have a Wyze lock that was installed in January. There were issues at that time, but they have been fixed. My auto-unlock works 95% of the time. I wish it was 100, but I can live with it. I have found that sometimes it takes longer for the phone to sync up with the lock. But, I have the keypad next to the door for those times.

I see you are a beta tester too. Do you happen to have more than 1 Wyze app installed? At one point, I had 3 different versions of the app running at the same time using the same account logon. This caused a conflict between the apps. They were all trying to control all of the devices at the same time. As you would expect, things like the lock did not work properly.

I solved it by creating logon IDs for each app and did not allow a device to be associated with more than 1 of the apps. Since then, all of my “prod” devices have worked great.

I hope this helps.


I did actually have 2 versions installed, just uninstalled the non-beta version. Thanks I’ll do some more testing.

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Wow that was it! Auto unlock is back in the game!

Thanks for the tip man :slight_smile:


I’m glad I could help.


The Wyze lock has recently been unlocking perfectly for me but for my partner who I shared the device with, it hasn’t been. If I have WyzeBeta app installed on my phone and he has just the Wyze app installed - will that cause an issue for auto unlocking for him?

I wouldn’t think so. But I have been using an alpha/beta version for over 3 months. It worked fine for me when I had the production app installed.

That said, if you just upgraded to the latest beta version, they said that was the release candidate version. So, he will be able to upgrade to that version in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, that will take care of the issues he’s having.

Sorry I couldn’t give a definitive answer.

It shouldnt, I personally don’t use the auto unlock ( i love my keypad) and that door isnt my main entry, but I will try the auto feature between my son and I when I get home and see if one gets it but not the other, I am on beta but he isnt, so I am perfectly situated to test this.

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so I wasnt able to test this as my son took his phone with him and I dont have access to it currently. I will try to remember to test this when he gets back home at the end of the week.

Thank you for trying! I am going to see if I can install the beta app on my partners phone and see if it fixes it. Maybe I should just unshare and reshare the Lock first and see if that fixes it.

I’ve noticed if my phone auto unlocks the door, it won’t auto unlock for my roommate and vice versa (like 15 minute window, maybe a security thing?). So if he gets home before me I have to open the app and unlock it manually. Otherwise it seems to work pretty good.

I thought it might have a cooldown as well but that would seem like an odd feature for the smartlock to have. Long and short of it is I switched to Nest x Yale lock. I have a lot of Nest products in my home and that lock seems to be working just fine. I’ll probably put my wyze lock on my back door or my garage door so I can still make use of it.