Wyze Lock Auto-Unlock

After turning on Auto-Unlock I never left the house but when I walked from the master bedroom to the living room the lock auto-unlocked even though I had already been home all night. The geo-fence is set to cover my building plus a few others in my complex so I am not sure why this happened. I have geo-fencing on for IFTTT and HomeKit and none of those actions were triggered so I am not sure it was a location issue.

Anyone else have this issue or have an idea on how to prevent it in the future?

its because the phone connected to it using bluetooth.

you have to be in the geo fence AND connect to it with Bluetooth which will trigger the auto unlock. when it sees both of those met, it assumes you are coming and auto unlocks, the downside it it will trigger both inside and outside the home.

once the lock becomes publicly available you can add a wishlist topic for something to mitigate this, but I don’t know of a way currently it can be done.

but that is why that auto unlocked. both needs were met.

I was under the impression from the video that Wyze released that it wouldn’t auto unlock again until the phone left the home location.

it shouldn’t, but if bluetooth is disconnected and then reconnects, it only sees that both needs are met and reads it as a new auto unlock request. I will look into this one a bit more.

typically Bluetooth can connect from “up to 100 feet or so” so maybe they thought within a single house it wouldn’t disconnect

That’s what I thought also. My understanding is bluetooth auto unlock won’t work until you first leave the geofence area and then return.
In your case I would say that either there was bug/glitch or for some reason your phone lost location and thought you left the geofence area

My phone has lost bluetooth a number of times being out of range and reconnected and hasn’t triggered auto unlock because I haven’t left the geofence area

you have found my weakness with the lock. due to the constant geofence alerts I was getting I havent used the auto unlock feature. it is an issue with SOME android versions. we have notified wyze of that issue.

when I get home I’ll try to recreate what you experienced and report back.

@raym64 It must have been a bug/glitch from the Wyze app. I have multiple different actions in my home based on arrival and departure. A few months ago something similar happened to me while at home. My lights turned off, cameras on, etc. Its only happened once and didnt happen last night when the door unlocked so its highly likely that its something on the Wyze side.

@Bam I am going to continue testing tonight to see if the problem comes up again. Hopefully it was a single occurrence but we will see.

I have a Samsung Note 8 and I don’t think Auto Unlock is working. I plan to test more tomorrow, but so far no luck.

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The whole geofencing thing with the auto-lock and unlock is kind of confusing. I was gone for a couple hours 30 miles away and it didn’t auto-unlock when I got home. A couple hours later, I took the dogs for a walk outside the geofence. I checked the lock status (locked & not connected to BT) half way into the walk. When I got to the door, the lock opened this time. Go figure. :roll_eyes:

I have a Samsung Galaxy s8.

I noticed that my iPhone X doesn’t connect to the lock via Bluetooth unless the Wyze app is open. Got home earlier and auto-unlock didn’t work so I opened the app to unlock the door and before I pressed the button it opened by itself. I am currently sitting about 10ft away from the lock with direct line of sight and bluetooth is currently not connected. This might be playing into this issue.

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It could be something like that. Although today I went miles out of the geofence area and when I returned I purposely opened the app to the screen with the lock to watch it as I walked up to the house. It never unlocked at all and I even stood outside the door for a bit. I had to click unlock on my phone to open it.

I just had that happen as well. Just returned from dinner and my wife got home about 10 minutes before I did. It auto-unlocked for her but when I approached the door I had to open the app and use the button. Hopefully we will get an update soon to help with the reliability of this feature.

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Maybe a OS issue? When I tested yesterday, I purposely left the phone in my pocket, and I could hear the lock auto unlock when I was about 5’ from the door. This was on Android 10.

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Maybe,… I’ve done some checking and I noticed that on my iPhone, under bluetooth devices the Ding Ding device doesn’t even show on the list of bluetooth devices unless the app is actively open. I have to do the check fast because even when I switch from the app screen to the settings screen that lists the bluetooth devices the Ding Ding disappears within several seconds until I go to the app again. So basically, it looks like it only connects via bluetooth if the app is open, and not just open in the background, but actually viewing the app. Of course, the Wyze app could be doing something in the background that I just can’t see, but that’s what appears to be happening.


I am hopeful for a resolution. I just installed the lock yesterday and last night it unlocked and locked several times on its own. The movement of the lock caused my dogs to bark at it, prompting me to get woken up several times. Has anyone seen a simple fix to this issue? I am running the app on an iPhone X. I do believe I had the app left open, so maybe I will make sure it is closed tonight.


I can’t get the lock to auto unlock with the geo fence and i have checked to make sure it’s connected via Bluetooth and location is always on. Any ideas on how to resolve.

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There are many threads on the lock auto unlock I would suggest you do a search and see what other people of done to fix their issues

I look forward to having these features turned on

Auto unlock with geofence running didn’t unlock with my S10+ Android phone. However my partners iPhone 10 opened up when arriving home with geofence on. Hopefully this is just a firmware issue and will be updated and fixed soon. :frowning: