Wyze Lock: Auto Unlock with Wyze app not open

My lock auto unlock will only work if the app is open on my phone. This may not be an issue for Apple phones but Android phones have a “Close All” button that pops up when switching apps and its very hard not to hit that button. Also, there are advantages to closing unused apps; smother operation and lower battery drain. Eliminating the need for the app to be open would be a big improvement. (Note, the Kevo 2nd generation originally required the app to be open but now doesn’t.)

A Wyze service on the phone would possibly fix that, but I don’t know if Wyze has the resources to support that.

If you have the newer Android versions, it could be the battery optimization settings causing your problem. I have Android tablets and not phones so I could be wrong. But the way I understand it is that with battery optimization set for the Wyze app, it shuts it down in the background. If you turn that off for the Wyze app, it should keep the geofence active.

Worth a try anyway.

We are working on this. It’s working more on iOS than Android so far but it’s in the works. :slight_smile:

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Does this mean Bluetooth still has to be on, just that the phone can be locked or the Wyze app can be in the background?

I’d love it if somehow the team can make the Auto Unlock function without relying heavily on Bluetooth. Maybe remote connection with the phone through cellular and see the location of the device?

I also find that the radius of where the lock is…is a little too big. I tested it and before I pull up to my driveway it already unlocks itself. Would be super amazing to have a much smaller area. Thinking maybe like being able to open a car door simply having the key fob in your pocket, bag, etc.

Bluetooth must be on and also location services for the lock has to be set for always. Some phones will give constant nag warnings about location services being on until you turn off that notification.
Honestly, although there are certainly problems with the lock, the firmware, and the problems some phones have with geolocation glitches, I think at least some of the problems people have are due to permissions for location services and bluetooth.

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