Wyze lock auto unlock short comings

Auto unlock was a failed experiment by Wyze! It has never worked 100% of the time for anyone. Your lucky if it worked 50% of the time. Best solution is to get the keypad! That does work 100% of the time.

it works for me 90% of the time. I think it only feels like it works less because of murphy’s law that is your emotional response creates a deeper memory of the failures even though less often seeming to be more so

Its working better now, After a few weeks with the lock I am surprised when it doesn’t unlock but still happy when it does

only 1 out of 10 times is a fail now! so thats better

although you are right I don’t expect it to work 100% of the time and always have my key ready.
but it has saved me with a hand full of grocerys enough times to feel good about it

I hope that they continue to work out the problems and just create a better app refresh routine as it seems to work within 1 second of reopening the app

App has to be running on the phone. Are all 3 phones signed in using the same sign in information or are the other 2 via a share?

Wife and I both have Samsung 10e and both signed in using the same sign on. As long as wyze lock app is running auto lock works all the time. Auto Unlock works most of the time and when not it’s usually because we haven’t gone out of the geofencing area.

I used the share feature for both of them. Haven’t tried having them use my log in on their phones instead…

I have this same issue. Most of the time it will auto-unlock for me (the primary account), but for my wife (who the lock is shared with on her own account), it takes about 30 seconds of her standing at the door for it to auto-unlock.