Wyze lock auto unlock short comings

I’ve been using the Wyze lock for about a month now and the biggest pain, other than the keypad seemingly never going to be ready (@WyzeGwendolyn @WyzeDongsheng), is the fact that location services must be on for the auto unlock feature to remain on. Forcing users to keep their location on causes unnecessary battery drain. If you have or are buying the lock, just realize that out of the box if you enable auto unlock and then open the app to do anything and your location is off, auto unlock will automatically disable without any notification of disabling. To avoid this and also make it easier to enable location without taking my phone out I made some Macros through Macrodroid. Below are the settings I used.

*Some previous knowledge of Macrodroid will be required for these to make sense.

The first Macro enables the ability to press and hold the volume up button to allow easy auto unlock access.
Trigger- Volume up - Long Press. Retain previous volume (this allows the Macro to be easily triggered from in my pocket and without looking at the phone)
Actions- Location Service On, Wait 3 seconds, Force Location Update, Wait 3 seconds, Launch Wyze, Wait 15 minutes, Location Service Off (simply put once I trigger this Macro it turns on location, forces an update to ensure accuracy, opens Wyze to allow location permission, then I have 15 minutes to come within range of the lock for auto unlock to happen)
Constraint- Device Locked (this keeps the ability to press and hold the volume key for media control while the phone is unlocked and being used)

The second Macro is used for ensuring that auto unlock stays enabled
Trigger- Application launched - Wyze
Action- Location Service On
Constraint- None
This Macro basically just turns my location on automatically every time I open the Wyze app meaning I never get the annoying location popup, and since location is on auto unlock is never automatically disabled.

Lastly I have a Macro for automatically disabling location services when Wyze is closed.
Trigger- Application Closed - Wyze
Action- Location Service Off
Constraint- App inactive (Maps), Non-Rooted (This keeps location service on if Google Maps happens to be open at the same time)


If I understand correctly you would prefer that the Auto-Unlock toggle remained on (or off) when opening the Wyze app regardless of your phones’ location services setting?

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That’s correct. I would prefer if the auto unlock setting didn’t change based on whether device location services were on or off when you were only opening the app to say turn on a plug or a light bulb. Macrodroid is a work around but I don’t see why this can’t just be that way through the app.

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I’m surprised - Are 3 percent of the battery currently spent on location relevant? My location is always on:

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I wouldn’t worry much about 3 percent, but I was seeing more of 10 to 12 percent use over a normal day.


Just received my Wyze lock today an after setting everything up this is the first thing i noticed and is definitely an issue. I only turn my gps on when im leaving my house for work in the morning and then on my drive home. Wish it just stayed on, I tagged @WyzeGwendolyn in the Wyze lock Release Megathread explaining this same issue as well.

How difficult is this Macroid workaround?


It’s not difficult at all. Here’s a screenshot of the setup for the long volume press to enable location.

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Just realized this post would make more sense with pictures. Here’s all the Macros from above.

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Awesome thank you, may have to give this a go.


I look forward to hearing your results. I’m also curious!


Question: If you have several devices (phones and tablets) with the same Wyze account name, will any of those devices trigger auto-lock and auto-unlock, without having to share? I was thinking that share is for guests, but all devices belonging to one Wyze user would trigger the lock. Is that correct? Thanks in advance.

Is there a feature to auto-lock.unlock based on wifi SSID connection (local WIFI at home)? I never want my location on unless I travel and must turn it on. It is fired on wifi that would be cool. Just a thought.

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There’s not a way I can think to do this because you can’t connect to your Wi-Fi until you’re already in the geofence. Then once you’re in the geofence Wyze requires you to leave before auto unlock will work.

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I’m sorry if I missed it but I take it this is on android phones?

Sorry I didn’t think to include that. Yes, all of my work and suggestions are Android based.

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When I drive in my yard my wifi hops in place of the cell data. Then the phone would have an app to let whoever know i’m home. Unlock. If I drop from wifi re-lock the door can lock. Not sure what you mean with Geofence?

The geo-fence is what you say for how far out you want the auto unlock to work. It’s when you set your location in the app. You put in your address. And then you can make the circle larger or smaller. And then the Bluetooth is what knows when you leave or enter the geo-fence area and unlocks the door.

Just like @paindonthurt said. The geofence is a virtual boundary that you must first exit and then re-enter to have auto unlock work. Your phones location is provided to Wyze so it knows when you leave and then when you enter the geofence. Once you enter the geofence you have 10 minutes to get within Bluetooth range of the lock so it can send the auto unlock request. This is also why you can’t turn on location once you get home because as far as Wyze is concerned you never left. Your location must start outside of the geofence and then enter it for the Bluetooth portion to start. Below is an example of a Wyze geofence. As of now you can’t resize the boundary. But you can reposition it to work better for your situation. For example, I walk my dogs West of my houses location. So I positioned the geofence as far East as possible. This means I have to walk very little West bound to exit the geofence allowing auto unlock to function properly.

Thanks dsoutar. Can you increase or reduce the size of the home circle? When I pinch in or out, the map zooms in or out but the home circle remains at the same diameter. I can reposition by tapping but cannot change the size.

As of now you can’t resize the boundary.